FamilyMart Malaysia Introduces Oden Kari For A Limited Time Only

Hello, friends! We are sure that you know FamilyMart by now. The convenience store franchise has been popping up in every corner of Klang Valley. There are so many reasons to love FamilyMart, particularly the fresh food section. We are talking about sandwiches, bakery bread, onigiri, bento boxes, soft-serve, and oden. Speaking of oden, they have introduced a brand new flavour!


Hello, Oden Kari.

Photo: FamilyMart (Facebook)

Announced on its official Facebook page, this brand new flavour is available for a limited time only. Described to be aromatic, the secret ingredient for this concoction is coconut milk! Take a sip, and you will notice that it is super thick (a direct translation from betul-betul kaw, hehe). Before you head down to your nearest FamilyMart,  read on about the promotion for members.

Photo: @familymartmy (Instagram)

For FamilyMart members, you can add-on one free lobster ball, chicken ball, or squid ink cuttlefish ball when you order one Oden Kari starter bowl. By the way, the squid ink cuttlefish ball is a brand new addition, too! To enjoy, simply show the staff your member QR code upon ordering. Just like that, you will be entitled to the promotion. Now, you are all ready for the new Oden Kari!

What’s your favourite food from FamilyMart?

Photo: FamilyMart (Facebook)

There are so many things to try out at FamilyMart. In the recent seasonal offerings, you will need to try out Big Breakfast Sandwich, Tomyam Pedas Seafood Onigiri, and Triple Cheese Mac & Cheese! Of course, you can end your light meal with dessert choices as well. Will you be heading down to FamilyMart to have an oden session with your friends? Count us in!

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  • FamilyMart Malaysia introduces Oden Kari.
  • Members get to add-on one free lobster ball, chicken ball, or squid ink cuttlefish ball (new) upon ordering Oden Kari.
  • QR code must be shown.

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