These Local F&B Businesses Share How Digitalisation With ShopeeFood Accelerated Their Growth

The digitalisation of F&B businesses first came to light when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, where the easiest way to reach customers was through online platforms. It eventually led to the rise of contactless payment systems as people became more hygiene-conscious and inclined to the convenience of cashless payments. With the adoption of digital means, these local businesses saw growth and success in expanding into the franchise industry through ShopeeFood and ShopeePay.


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Salad Atelier: Cultivating A Healthy Eating Community Through ShopeeFood

With over twenty outlets in various areas in Klang Valley, Dylan Lee, the founder of Salad Atelier is keen to help Malaysians consume healthier food everyday. Serving healthy and flavourful salads, Salad Atelier is on a mission to serve healthy cuisines and help influence sustainable eating habits in the community. Their signature dishes include the DIY Salad, Chicken Aglio Olio and Meatless Bibim Poke which are loved by many.

Salad Atelier joined ShopeeFood since it was launched over a year ago. Lee explained that ShopeeFood has helped the business consistently reach more customers outside of their restaurant areas. This also helped to drive interest and open up more franchise opportunities to grow the business, he added.

Lee is proud to share the addition of a new outlet opening this December at Megah Rise, Taman Megah in PJ, and also their plans to venture outside of KL with more outlets next year. He also added that today’s consumers prefer cashless payment methods. According to Lee, with ShopeePay, his customers are able to pay both online and offline, especially with e-wallets being integrated into the DuitNow ecosystem. For his operations, this has also helped tremendously in reducing customers waiting time at checkouts, especially during peak hours.  For modern businesses, Lee believes that going digital is the best way to adapt and thrive. Besides being more efficient in meeting customer needs, going digital also helps local entrepreneurs like himself cut spending in business operations. 

Lim Fried Chicken: 39-Year-Old Business Joins The Digital Train

Photo: Lim Fried Chicken (Facebook)

Jordan Lim, son to the founders of  Lim Fried Chicken, said that he decided to incorporate technology for the business as he was convinced by the advantages it brings for local merchants. From a humble nasi lemak stall to the now well-known Lim Fried Chicken (LFC), going digital helped the family business to scale and expand in a short span of time. Today, there are over ten Lim Fried Chicken franchises in Malaysia. 


Since being on the ShopeeFood platform for approximately a year now, Lim is content that local merchants are getting better support from consumers.

“Previously, our business depended on word-of-mouth to grow, but today with the integrated ShopeeFood platform of ShopeePay and Shopee, local enterprises are able to get steady exposure and help new customers discover our food and locations,” he added. 


Furthermore with ShopeePay, customers are able to pay easily both online and offline. “This has really helped us to gain more younger customers that have a preference for cashless payments,” he added. 

“Our business is about emphasising local flavours in the food we serve. And we want to ensure our quality is consistent so the public will be more willing to support our food. While most restaurants experiment with trends, LFC wants to stay true to bringing Malaysians together over a plate of nostalgic fried chicken and rice,” said Jordan Lim. 

Tiga Budak Gemok: Local Favourite Dishes Growing Online Presence

tiga budak gemok shopeefood


Local enterprise, Tiga Budak Gemok, faced one of its toughest challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns. According to Khairul Anuar Abu Bakar, General Manager (Finance & Operations), the lockdowns were hard on many local businesses as it affected the ability of people to travel to their restaurants and buy food as they normally would. 

“We had to strategise a good way to manage our customer demands and meet their expectations in a quick and satisfactory manner,” he added. One of the ways was to increase their online presence and make Tiga Budak Gemok easily accessible to more customers. The business joined ShopeeFood when the platform was launched in 2021. 

According to Khairul, who manages ten out of the eighteen franchises, hopping onto the ShopeeFood platform has given them both better access and understanding of their customers. Doing business on the ShopeeFood platform also provided them with further confidence to grow the Tiga Budak Gemok franchise.

The bestsellers of Tiga Budak Gemok on ShopeeFood are their Nasi Ayam Kicap Biasa + Telur + Tempe and Siput Masak Lemak Cilipadi. Do try their local delights, we are certain it would tantalise all Malaysians!

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