Find Out How You Can Level Up Your Cooking Game With Tefal Ingenio Cookware

From cooking an egg to searing a steak, great cookware will make your life easier in the kitchen – whether you’re a professional or a beginner! If you’re looking for versatile cookware that does it all, Tefal Ingenio is the only cookware you’ll want and need. Find out more below.


Tefal’s Best Non-Stick Cookware That Makes All The Difference

Tefal Ingenio

Tefal Ingenio Unlimited 6-pcs consists of a non-stick frypan, saucepan, wok pan, glass, and an airtight lid with unmatched versatility!

Tefal Unlimited Cookware Collection

This Tefal Unlimited cookware collection guarantees exceptional durability while maintaining high-quality standards. The latest TITANIUM anti-scratch non-stick coating has a longevity that is SIX times longer than Tefal’s regular non-stick coating.

This means there will be less prone to scratches, sticking, or risk of breakage.

Best of all, this set also comes with Tefal’s Ingenio 100% Safe Removable Handle!

Unique Features Designed To Simplify Cooking

What’s special about Tefal’s Ingenio 100% Safe Removable Handle is its seven unique features, making it much more than a gadget. This heavy-duty removable handle has a 3-point safety system that supports up to 10 kg and is backed by Tefal’s 10-year guarantee*!

Unlimited Cookware Collection

You can also switch from one pan to another in a single click! The oven-safe removable handle system makes moving meals around easy, from stove to oven to even serving on the table.


oven-safe removable handle system

Another unique factor of this thoughtfully designed handle is it cuts down on clutter. It’s certainly a one-handle that fits all!

Thanks to the space-saving stackable design in Tefal Ingenio Cookware, you can just simply put a lid and place it into the fridge or stack it to fit it into cupboards, cabinets, and shelves conveniently!


For pure comfort and everyday convenience, you might also want to check out Tefal Ingenio SS Turner and Comfort Ladle Spatula – designed to make your cooking way less stressful! 

Ingenio SS Turner

Comfort Ladle Spatula


Try Out Tefal Ingenio Cookware Today

Tefal Ingenio Cookware is made to make cooking simple and effortless! So why wait? Cook your favourite dishes with no worries today!

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