American Burger Joint, Five Guys Is Opening Soon At Genting Highlands & We’re So Excited!

All Hail American Burgers!


  • Five Guys will be opening its first outlet here in Malaysia, at Genting Highlands.
  • The famous American burger joint is known for their hand-formed patties and hand-cut fries.
  • The opening date is still unknown, but it looks like it’s “COMING SOON!”

Hello, burger lovers! We kick off the weekend with fantastic news. Alert! This is not a drill. Lo and behold, the famous American burger joint – Five Guys will be opening its first outlet here in Malaysia and we couldn’t be more excited. And, that’s not even the best bit. The burger joint is opening at Genting Highlands! Cool weather and smoky hot burgers? Sign us all up!

Five Guys “Coming Soon” Signage Spotted At Genting Highlands

Photo: @myburgerlab (Facebook)

Does this picture make you squeal in excitement? Because we couldn’t believe our eyes! Yes, it’s true –  Five Guys will officially be opening soon on our shores. If you haven’t heard of them, well, let us give you an introduction. Hand-formed meat patties grilled upon order, their burgers are delicious, juicy and when you bite into it, expect flavour to be dripping down your mouth. If that didn’t hook you, perhaps some pictures would help. Warning: You will get hungry!

Photo: @fiveguys (Instagram)
Image: @fiveguyssingapore (Instagram)

Get Your Appetite Ready For Mouthwatering Burgers, Hotdogs, & Guilty Milkshakes!

Photo: @fiveguyssingapore (Instagram)

Oozing off American diner-like vibes, Five Guys is also known for their meaty and delicious hotdogs! Cheese, sausage meat, jalapeños, and a buttered hotdog bun – our tummies are rumbling, can you hear it? Also, Cajun seasoned fries, anyone? We’ll have two…three, or actually, for the table! Oh, and let’s not forget their delectable and guilt-inducing milkshakes. (Author’s favourite: Peanut Butter milkshake – rich, creamy, and so good!)

Photo: @resto.halal (Instagram)

Keep A Lookout For Their Opening, We’ll Be Updating You!

Photo: @fiveguyssingapore (Instagram)

You know, leave it to the Americans to come up with a burger joint with awesome-cheat-day-kind-of burgers because we kid you not, you’re going to want to try Five Guys! Now that it’s confirmed that they are opening an outlet here, the only thing left to find out is when. We’ll be updating you folks once we get the news! But, keep a lookout for them on your own too! Bye for now!

Feature image credit: (left) myburgerlab (Facebook), (right) @fiveguys (Instagram)

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