List Of Updated SOPs For The Fully-Vaccinated In Phase One States, Including KL & Selangor


  • Dine-in at eateries are allowed for fully-vaccinated individuals at Phase 1 states
  • Weekend and night markets are allowed to operate
  • Non-contact sports, recreation and leisure activities are allowed
  • Outdoor camping and picnics are allowed, with participation of children aged 17 and under
  • These series of relaxed SOPs take into effect starting 20 Aug 2021

Full List Of Updated SOPs To Take Note Of:

As announced by Caretaker Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, a series of relaxation in standard operating procedures (SOPs) for fully-vaccinated individuals in Phase 1 states under the National Recovery Plan (NRP), starting from 20 August 2021.

Here is the full list of updated SOPs (as of 19 August 2021):

1. Dine-In Is Allowed For Fully-Vaccinated Individuals

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You must show their digital vaccination certificate prior to entering the restaurants. Also, parents who are fully-vaccinated are allowed to bring children aged 17 years and below, complying to all necessary SOPs. To prepare for this, restaurant owners are advised to provide more outdoor dining space for ventilation.

Dine-in is also allowed at restaurants or cafes on clubhouse premises. The SOPs are to be the same as as other eateries.

2. Sports, Recreation & Leisure Activities Without Physical Contact Allowed

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Sports, recreational and leisure activities without physical contact and outdoor non-group activities are also allowed in the same district. Individuals will be allowed to do jog, exercise, cycle, skateboard, climbing, badminton (singles), golf and so on. You’ll be able to do these individual sports from 6AM to 10PM, only in outdoor open and semi-open spaces.

3. Night Market & Weekend Markets Allowed To Operate


Besides, night market and weekend market are allowed to operate in Phase 1 states as well. However, customers have to show their digital vaccination certificate as they enter the premise and relevant enforcement authorities and premise owners.

4. Picnics And Outdoor Camping Allowed

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Picnics and camping in the outdoors are allowed too. Participation of children under the age of 17 and below are allowed with strict adherence to SOP.

*Refer below for fully-vaccinated definition:

  • Vaccinated individuals with vaccines from Pfizer, Astra Zeneca, Sinovac that requires two (2) doses will only be considered fully vaccinated after 14 days.
  • Vaccinated individuals with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine that requires one (1) dose will only be considered fully vaccinated after 28 days.

Stay Safe & Take Care

With the relaxed SOPs announced, daily COVID cases are still at an all time high. Remember to adhere to strict SOPs if you do decide to head out. Remember to call for your friends and family to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Stay safe and take care, foodies!

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