Gamuda Gardens By Gamuda Land Is Having ‘Gardens’ Diner’ Event On 23rd & 24th Nov 2019

Diner food and good ol' fun!

Hello, foodies! One of the leading property developers in Malaysia, Gamuda Land is back with another exciting event. Gamuda Land is having a “Gardens’ Diner” event at their Gamuda Gardens Experience Gallery on the 23rd and 24th of November 2019! And, this time round, feast on scrumptious American Diner food and beverages. Are you excited yet? Because we are! 


All American Vibes With ‘Gardens’ Diner’ Event At Gamuda Gardens This Weekend

Photo: Gamuda Land

Get your groove on, be ready to Rock & Roll…and paaarty! Focusing on American vibes and culture, Gamuda Gardens will be having a series of exciting activities that’ll help you get your tummies and dancing shoes ready for an all American night!

Feast On American Diner Food With Burgers From MyBurgerLab And Make Mini Burgers At This Event

Photo: Gamuda Land

American burgers are known to be incredibly tasty and guilty. Life is indeed better between two pieces of bread, is it not? And, Gamuda Gardens has called upon our favourite burger joint, MyBurgerLab, to serve delicious burgers at their event. If you haven’t tried their burgers, this is the time to do it!

Photo: Gamuda Land

Sometimes to truly enjoy our food, we’ve got to know how it’s made. Well, guests can participate in a Mini Burger Workshop and learn how to make little hamburgers. Here’s a little fun fact: the Americans actually call mini burgers…sliders! This is a great activity for parents and their kids, isn’t it?

Enjoy Cinematic Movies With Your Friends And Family At The Lakeside Theatre

Photo: Gamuda Land

Besides eating, there will be a lakeside theatre for you to enjoy movies! Sit back, relax, and soak in all the cinematic fun at the Gardens’ Diner event. They will be screening Grease The Movie and Hairspray The Movie. So, if those are your favourite movies, head to their event to watch it!

Play Retro Arcade Games And Take Pictures Of Classic American Cars At Gamuda Gardens On 23rd & 24th November

Photo: Gamuda Land

Because an all American event wouldn’t be complete without games and cars, Gamuda Gardens definitely doesn’t disappoint. Grab your pals because retro arcade games are meant to be enjoyed with friends! And, if you’re a fan of cars, drive your way to the Gamuda Gardens Experience Gallery to check out classic American cars and take lotsa pictures for your gram’.

Put On Your Dancing Shoes And Groove To A Rock & Roll Dance Performance

Photo: Gamuda Land

We all know someone who needs to let loose and find their groove. Well, take them to the Gardens’ Diner event and let them dance along to Rock & Roll tunes. There will be dancers performing to Rock & Roll music, and we bet that you won’t sit still! Don’t be shy…rock on!

Have A Splendid Time At Gardens’ Diner Event At Gamuda Gardens Experience Gallery

Photo: Gamuda Land

What are you waiting for? Mark your calendars for an exciting all American event! If you want to know what the party scene is like in the States, this is as close as it gets to partying like an American! The Gardens’ Diner event by Gamuda Gardens is happening on 23rd and 24th of November 2019, from 2PM to 9PM. Enjoy yourselves and cheerio! This event is FREE for the public to attend. 


  • Gardens’ Diner @ Gamuda Gardens Experience Gallery
  • 23rd & 24th November 2019
  • 2PM to 9PM
  • FREE entry for public
  • Registration link
  • Address: Persiaran Gamuda Gardens 1 Bandar Gamuda Gardens, Kuang, 48050, Selangor

Disclaimer: Images shown are for illustration purposes only. 

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