We Found The Perfect Staycation & Living Destination Only 30 Mins Away From KL

Newest Gamuda Luge Gardens Is Opening On 9 December 2023!

Of vibrant townships where you can find a unique combination of leisure, hospitality and residential – Gamuda Gardens immediately comes to mind. To add the cherry on top of this lively neighbourhood, the much-anticipated Gamuda Luge Gardens will be opening early December this year! Find out why exactly Gamuda Gardens is the perfect staycation (and even living) destination for you.


Gamuda Luge Gardens Is Opening On 9 December 2023 Right Here In Gamuda Gardens

The much-anticipated Gamuda Luge Gardens with Malaysia’s FIRST Skyline Luge, plus a FunPark and upgraded Big Bucket Splash is opening on 9 December 2023! We know you’re looking forward to it! You can now get combo tickets to the Skyline Luge Kuala Lumpur, FunPark, and Big Bucket Splash and be the very first ones to experience a new thrilling experience in Malaysia. Read on to find out more.

Exploring Gamuda Luge Gardens

Everyone, and when we say everyone, we mean EVERYONE is super thrilled about the opening of Gamuda Luge Gardens. The no.1 thing that we are looking forward to is no doubt the Skyline Luge Kuala Lumpur that is set to be Malaysia’s FIRST skyline luge! The hype has been real for this ever since its announcement. So if you’re looking for a thrilling ride downhill then you must try out the Skyline Luge right here at Gamuda Luge Gardens.

Besides that, you can also look forward to the opening of FunPark – an exciting new family-friendly outdoor amusement park that will be home to six unique attractions! This also includes Malaysia’s TALLEST ferris wheel as well as a water play attraction. The park is set to open four attractions by the end 2023 and the final two in Q1 2024.

Ticket prices start from only RM8 per ride, or simply go for the FunPark + Skyline Luge Combo where you can experience everything in one go! Tickets are now available at:

Unrivalled Connectivity and Convenience


Located just a stone’s throw away from the heart of KL, there are so many various ways you can easily get to Gamuda Luge Gardens. Whether you’re visiting or staying right here in Gamuda Gardens, here are all the ways for a fuss-free travel straight to Gamuda Luge Gardens:

  • If you’re travelling by car, simply enter from Exit 115 at NKVE and you’ll be there in less than 10 minutes.
  • If you’re taking the public transport, there will be a Rapid KL Feeder Bus that takes you directly to Gamuda Luge Gardens from MRT/KTM Sungai Buloh (stay tuned for more information on this!)
  • Staying in Gamuda Gardens and need a ride to Gamuda Luge Gardens? There is a FREE GG Shuttle Bus that commutes between Waterfront Village – Gaia Residences – Gamuda Luge Gardens.


The Shuttle Service Bus Stop is situated right in front of Boba Tea House, Waterfront Village.

Luxurious Living and Accommodation @ GAIA Service Residence

Thinking of spending a night or two in Gamuda Luge Gardens? Or are you seeking to build your life here at the vibrant township of Gamuda Gardens? Look no further as GAIA Residence is the perfect place for the perfect staycation and long-term stay. 


A resort-inspired high-rise serviced residence in Gamuda Gardens, that’s the first to offer a stunning panoramic scenic view of the township. Not only are you able to indulge in various types of resort-inspired built amenities in GAIA Residence, you can also take a stroll down to the 5.5km Central Park to recharge your senses, or head over to Waterfront Village to refuel your body after your walk.

How about experiencing what GAIA Residence has to offer with a short staycation here? There are tons of beautifully decorated spaces on Airbnb, ranging from small to huge family-friendly spaces. Just take a look at this listing on Airbnb with homey modern furniture, you can’t help but to easily envision what it’s like to live there.

Wide Range Of Restaurants & Cafes, Including Your Favourites

Last but certainly not least, is the huge laundry list of F&B options right here at Gamuda Gardens. You can easily spot your favourite brands at every corner! Craving for your favourite froyo for dessert, heart-warming local cuisine or even a nice cafe to spend your evenings at – they’ve got you covered. 

  • Gamuda Luge Gardens: A&W, llaollao, CocaLoca, Jihun Fried Chicken
  • Waterfront Village: Yilo Restaurant & Bar, Nine Oasis Café and Restaurant, Kim Seafood Restaurant  Boba Tea House, Perge Coffee, opening soon Lyfe Café and Gardenlicious Taiwanese hotpot
  • GAIA Boulevard: Restoran Al Shaik, Nasi Kandar & Mamak, Restoran Asneeya Maju, Santai Ye Burgers & Hotpot and many more

Come On Over & Experience A Dynamic & Vibrant Lifestyle @ Gamuda Gardens 

There you have it, folks! The secret is out, Gamuda Gardens IS the perfect place for travels and living! It combines all your travel convenience and leisure options in one single spot. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a relaxing place to travel to or a long-term plan to build a life at – you’ve found your spot. 

Why not dip your toes and experience what it is like by simply booking a staycation here. Also mark your calendar as the Skyline Luge Kuala Lumpur is opening real soon on 9 Dec 2023! Get the best combo deal here: 

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