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How To Get Buka Puasa Meals For 4 Persons Under RM50, Including Delivery!

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Hello, foodies! How are all of you holding up? In previous years when the fasting month begins, we all eagerly look forward to Ramadan bazaars to indulge in affordable and delicious food and drinks. Worry not, we have found ways to still enjoy the same things while staying home and keeping safe during the Movement Control Order. All you need is the Grab app and you’re all set! This Ramadan, you can get an entire buka puasa meal for 4 persons under RM50 with the Grab app. We have picked the top restaurants and home-based sellers serving your favourite Iftar meals, so, check it out below


With Grab e-Kitchen Bazar, you are not gonna miss out on all your delicious Ramadan bazaar food!

Grab has partnered with the Selangor state Government to implement safe, hygienic and socially-distanced e-Kitchen Bazar Ramadan in selected areas in Selangor. Just #StayAtHome and get murtabak, nasi kerabu, ayam percik, tepung pelita, and more bazaar food delivered straight to your house. As you fulfill your cravings you are also supporting the livelihoods of our bazar Ramadan sellers! 

Here are our top picks for a budget buka puasa together from Grab e-Kitchen Bazar:


1. MH Ria Nasi Briyani Johor


Calling all rice lovers because MH Ria has got just the thing to satiate that hungry belly of yours. You must try their Nasi Briyani Johor that is simply delicious. Did we mention that their rice is extremely fragrant? Well, you bet it is! Priced at a total of RM37, indulge yourselves with (x3) Nasi Briyani Ayam and (x1) Nasi Briyani Kambing. Yum, yum, yum!

2. Azrad Catering


Living in a multiracial country, we get to enjoy so many different kinds of delicious food and when it comes to Malay food, can we all agree that Nasi Ambeng is totally delicious? Azrad Catering is offering their Nasi Ambeng with plenty of side dishes that are so tasty. You can get (x3) Nasi Ambeng for RM34, and some curry puffs (RM2.50/ 1pcs) for a little snack! Don’t forget to try their Keria Gula Melaka (RM2.50/ 1pcs) too. More good news: you can order food from different stalls or lots at e-Kitchen Bazar and get charged only one delivery fee.

Not enough? There are over 900 restaurants that deliver Ramadan Favourites for you to choose from! 

3. Hayaki

Photo: Hayaki

Originating from upstate, Hayaki offers the most scrumptious of delicacies from Kelantan that’ll wow your taste buds. With RM50, you can get (x3) Nasi Kukus (yum!), (x1) Nasi Kerabu Ayam Percik, and crispy Keropok Ikan. Four mains meals and a snack? Talk about a good bargain!

4. Ahh Yum Kraver

Image: @kampongkravers (Instagram)

If you have ever tried curry puffs from Kampong Kraver, you would know that they serve up some mouth-watering snacks. That is exactly the case for their restaurant counterpart, Ahh Yum Kraver. Here’s what you can get for four people: (x6) Karipap (in XL size!), (x6) Samosas, and (x1) Nasi Lemak Basmathi Ahh Yum Berempah.

You also can also get meals, kuih-muih and desserts delivered to you via GrabExpress! 

For individuals such as home bakers and caterers, this year will be difficult for them since they are depending on the Ramadan and Raya period for their income. Grab has partnered with a number of these sellers in Klang Valley to reduce their logistics cost with GrabExpress, as well as to promote them on the Grab app (look for GrabExpress Ramadan). Do your part to support these home-based sellers by ordering from them, and a GrabExpress delivery-partner will deliver the yummy goodies to you in a day or so! 

5. Tauhu Begedil Kebaboom


Boom! Now that we’ve got your attention, we’re here to tell you about (what is possibly) the yummiest snack in town – Tauhu Begedil Kebaboom. Like the name suggests, this tauhu begedil snack surely packs a punch. As Malaysians, we love fried and spicy food, and that’s a fact. For only RM48, you can have a begedil party with 36 pieces of tauhu begedil. Excited yet? We’re sure your taste buds are.

6. MamaMay’s Deli


For those of you who don’t know what to order, fret not, because we have a solution for you. MamaMay’s Deli changes their menu once every few days so why not let the merchant surprise you! Here’s what we got: Roti Jala Rainbow w Kari Ayam (RM5/ 5pcs), Bubur Pulut Hitam (RM3.50), Ketayap (RM3.50/ 5pcs), Caramel Pudding and Sagu Gula Melaka (RM2.50/ each). Super yummy and super affordable!

Amid all the crazy things that are happening all around the world and in Malaysia due to the coronavirus, we must work together to keep our spirits up. Ramadan is here and it being an important time for the Muslims, Grab still wants to ensure that Malaysians get to enjoy their Ramadan and Raya safely and easily.


So keep up the good work of staying at home and don’t forget to continue to practise these safety measures as you enjoy Grab’s delivery services: 

  1. Use GrabChat to let your delivery-partner know via GrabChat where they can leave your delivery (contactless delivery) and keep a safe distance of 1 meter from him or her. 
  2. Refrigerate and warm up your food properly before you enjoy the meal. 

Lastly, remember to place your Food orders before 5pm to beat the rush hour and to ensure that you and your delivery-partner can berbuka puasa on time at home. Bye for now, and Selamat Berbuka Puasa with your loved ones!

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