M’sian Received Heartwarming Letter From Kid Owners After Adopting Their Kitten

Something to make you smile today

With the “Adopt Don’t Shop” sentiment going around the internet these past few years, we can now see that more Malaysians embrace it. Of course, to each their own. But once in a while, little treats like this make ‘adopting’ a worthwhile idea.


Just Adopted A Well-Loved Kitten

Gaining 116.6K Likes on Twitter, @ariffikhram‘s heartwarming tweet will definitely make your heart flutter. According to Ariff, he was picking up his newly adopted kitten from its former owner. But to his surprise, the little fluffball comes with an adorable letter. Based on the cute handwriting, it is obvious that the owners are a bunch of small kids.

The letter reads, “Dear Uncle Ariff, please take a good care of YODA. We would like to keep her but mama said 10 cats are too many. Mama said that we are going to make so many people happy by having pets. So we hope Yoda will make you smile. And we know that you will love her with all your heart. I hope this can make you happy.”


Netizens Are Impressed By The Children’s Thoughtful Letter

This goes without saying that almost everyone is amazed by this colourful letter. Of course, Yoda is already super adorbs on her own, but the letter makes her a little bit more special.


“AAAAAAAAAAAA The fact that this makes me smile and got rid of my shoulder ache, thank you for sharing sobssss <3”


Spread The Happiness

To those that are living alone during the pandemic, please consider getting a pet. Everyone needs emotional supports during these stressful days. And taking care of a pet is a great way to help you loosen up! In the meantime, share this story with your loved ones to put a smile on their face. *wink wink*

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