Here Are 7 Fun Ways To Enjoy Korean Soju and Beer Like a True Korean

Drink Like Your Oppa and Unnie!

Greetings foodies! If you’re a K-fan or are fond of Korean dramas, don’t look away! In conjunction with Korean Liquor Fair 2020 by Lotte Liquor, we’re here to share with you some tips and tricks of the Korean Drinking Culture. Most of us are no stranger to the Korean Soju and beer, they’re widely available and very accessible. Often featured in Korean dramas, have you ever thought what’s the best way to drink them? 


Before We Get Into Korean Soju Drinking:

Did you know the Korean Soju and beer you’ve had or seen are under the company, Lotte Liquor? They offer a wide variety of quality Korean liquor and could be found worldwide. Some of their HERO Products include CHUM-CHURUM Soju, KLOUD Beer, CHUNG-HA rice wine and SEOL JOONG MAE plum wine (highly recommended).

Today, we’re going to focus CHUM-CHURUM, their star product, the Korean Soju. CHUM-CHURUM comes in a variety of flavors, from original to fruit flavors like peach, apple, grapefruit and more. If you’re a simple person, the best way to enjoy is to drink them iced-cold, neat. But what if we tell you that you can make soju drinking fun, delicious and creative?

7 Fun Ways to Enjoy CHUM-CHURUM Soju:

#1 Subak Soju

This one’s not a stranger to many, it’s basically a mixture of Soju with fresh watermelon. Usually served in a whole watermelon, they’re super refreshing, light and of course, picture-worthy. It’s also a no-brainer to make it yourself at home, so cheers!

#2 Yogurt Soju Blast

Editor’s favourite way to drink CHUM-CHURUM Soju. All you need is a bottle of original-flavored Soju and cultured drink of your choice (highly recommend pairing with Yakult to bring out the best flavor). Not only does it cut down the alcohol texture at the back of the throat, it gives a milky, soury-sweet aftertaste and surprisingly aromatic.


#3 Cojinganmek

We would like to consider the above two ways as an entry-level to the real deal. This one on the other hand, hits every note if you fancy Soju with more booze and a hit of fizz. Pair 2 shots of Soju with half a can of Tiger beer and coke each, the outcome, oh boy, hits differently. We would say this is more of a man’s drink, and great for partying, at home now, of course.

#4 Soju Sangria


Not a fan of strong, alcoholic-like drinks? Tone it down with this Soju Sangria that you can easily make at home. All you need is again, original-flavored CHUM-CHURUM Soju and orange juice (best if it’s freshly-squeezed). What you’ll get is a citrusy, sweet taste with a hint of alcohol that lingers in your taste bud.

#5 Energizer

As the name suggests, this drink is for those who need a pump of energy to charge up. Mix two shots of Soju, 1/3 bottle of sports drink (Gatorade for colour) and 1/3 can of red bull. You’ll get a glass of aesthetic, green cocktail that will keep you up for the night.


#6 Soju Ale

This one’s quite straightforward and great for serving guests. Just mix Soju with ginger ale and finish off with a few slices of apple for decorative purposes. No fancy flavor but a clean, fizzy finish.

#7 Soju Latte

Who would’ve thought Soju and coffee could make a combo? It’s easy to make and we want you to try it out so that you could tell us the taste and texture.

EXTRA: Did you know there’s another way of drinking Soju that is catered for parties and gatherings? It’s called Soju Bomb, where you basically put a shot of Soju on top of a small glass of beer, make a couple, line them up and slam them down like a domino. Super fun, and combination brings out the sweetness of the beer. 

We know it’s CMCO but let’s enlighten the mood a little by making these fun Soju recipes at home and enjoy with your family. Head out to the nearest Jaya Grocer, Aeon, Village Grocer and grab a couple of HERO products, aka Korean liquor. Have a great day ahead, stay safe and buh bye!

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