This Home Baker From Ipoh Makes Edible Lizard & Cockroach Cakes That Looks Hyper-Realistic

To Eat Or Not To Eat?

Hello, foodies! When it comes to food, some would agree that we eat with our eyes first, isn’t that right? Well, we have a (treat?) for your eyes but we’re not quite sure how you would feel about it. So, we’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves this time.

Is Your Skin Crawling Yet?

Photo: @thesliceipoh (Instagram)

Undoubtedly talented for making these hyper-realistic cakes, this Instagram cake shop, @thesliceipoh, is really wow-ing us with their creations. The more you look at it, the more you start questioning whether you would eat it but we can assure you that the whole cake is edible! Yes, even those realistic-looking cockroaches are edible! How cool is that!

Photo: @thesliceipoh (Instagram)

Feast Your Eyes On This

Photo: @thesliceipoh (Instagram)

Let’s admit it – some of you find this cake rather “cute”, and the rest of us are honestly still figuring out how we feel about it. Nevertheless, no one can deny the talent it takes to make these lizards look so unbelievably real! And again, this whole cake is edible so don’t be scared to start munching away on it!

Photo: @thesliceipoh (Instagram)

Who Would You Surprise These Cakes With?

Photo: @thesliceipoh (Instagram)

For those residing in Klang Valley, we’re sad to mention that this Instagram cake shop is based in Ipoh and their delivery area is within Ipoh only. But, fret not, because you can always order it online and head on over to Ipoh for self pick-up and enjoy some local food while you’re there! For more details, do check out their Instagram page, @thesliceipoh.

Feature image(s) credit: @thesliceipoh (Instagram)

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