This Deaf-Mute Malaysian Sets Up Homemade Pulut Ice Cream Stall In Subang After Losing His Job


Without a doubt, the global pandemic has impacted the world in unimaginable ways. Putting in a local aspect, many individuals and businesses have been affected one way or another. Either it’s struggling to stay afloat or having to shut down, time’s are hard for many. However, it’s important not to lose hope, just like this deaf-mute Malaysian man has done.

Deaf-Mute Local Man Sets Up Pulut Ice Cream Roadside Stall To Earn A Living

Photo: KL Foodie

After losing his job as a lorry driver during MCO, Arif Idris had a hard time looking for another job. With him being deaf and mute, opportunities were even slimmer. He couldn’t lose hope either, as he has a family of four to take care at home.Thankfully, his sister, who has a part time catering business, had the perfect suggestion for him to get back on his foot – selling pulut ice cream!

Photo: KL Foodie
Photo: KL Foodie

Arif’s homemade pulut ice cream couldn’t have arrive at a better timing. This sweet treat is the perfect snack to have in this overbearingly hot weather. At RM3 per cup, you get two scoops of coconut ice cream, layered with pulut and topped with sweet corn and crunchy peanuts. Located right opposite of Help University Subang Bestari, you’ll find Arif’s stall among a row local roadside stalls selling your favourite food.

Ensuring that customers get only the freshest ice cream, the pulut is made every single morning. Meanwhile, coconut ice cream is made at home during the weekends. Just last week, a Facebook post by his sister, Sae, has since gone viral on FB and Twitter. With only him handling the business, you can just show him how many cups of pulut ice cream you want and he’ll get right to it!

Show Your Support For Local Businesses Such As Arif’s

If you’re ever nearby the Subang Bestari area, make sure to pay Arif’s stall a visit! Kill two birds with one stone by cooling down with a cup of pulut ice cream while supporting small local businesses in Malaysia. The rakyat’s support is more crucial than ever, so let’s fight this pandemic all together. Don’t forget to have your masks on as well if you do decide to drop by!

Aiskrim Pulut Abam BIsu

Location: Opposite of Help University Subang Bestari (Waze: Help University Subang Bestari)

Operating hours: (MON – FRI) 12:30PM Till Sold Out

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