This OKU Uncle In Puchong Learnt Baking And Sells RM6 Pastries To Support Himself

Baked With Love

Hello there foodies! While we constantly update your feed with irresistible food deals, this time, we’re moving away from that. Today, we will be using our platform to share a heart-warming story and gather some support for this uncle. If you pass by Hong Leong Bank in Puchong, then you’ll probably have come across this Uncle.

Support Uncle And His Humble Business In Puchong

They say behind every person, there is a story and this is most definitely true for this Uncle. Before selling pastries, Uncle was actually a salesperson at a notable company in Kuala Lumpur. Then, in 2015, Uncle met with a mishap and along with a physical injury, he lost his job as well.

Puchong Hong Leong Bank Uncle
Photo: @PuchongJay (Facebook)

But these did not hold Uncle back and since then, he has been picking up on some simple baking skills. With his newly-learned, now life-adapting baking skills, Uncle bakes and sells bread and cookies right in front of Hong Leong Bank at Puchong Boulevard.

Puchong Hong Leong Bank Uncle
Photo: @PuchongJay (Facebook)

Among his pastries, there are Butter Cookies, Almond London Cookies, Butter Buns, and more. So, if you happen to pass by Hong Leong Bank or if you’re in Puchong, then do show Uncle some love and support. In addition, Uncle occasionally makes customized pastries so if you’re looking for something more unique, feel free to drop Uncle a line.

Puchong Hong Leong Bank Uncle
Photo: @Vyven Goh (Facebook)

Show Uncle Some Love

Or, here’s a friendly suggestion: have a quick chat with Uncle while you’re there and you might just learn some valuable life lessons. In a fast-moving world, it’s always great to meet someone who makes us take a pause and enjoy the simplicity of life.

Address: No. 26 & 27, Jalan Kenari 1, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Puchong, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Operating Hours: 10 AM-7 PM (Daily)

Contact Number: 016-2638824

Adapted from Vyven Goh and Puchong Jaya 

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