This Hidden Gem Surrounded By A Farm Is A Crowd-Favourite For Freshly Grilled Lamb (Kambing Bakar)

Calling All Mutton Lovers!

The weekends are all about exploring places out of the city and having a little break from the norm. Seeking for something different? How about enjoy a really good grilled lamb with a petting zoo right beside it. AND it’s only half an hour away from the city! It’s House Of Kambing located in MAEPS Serdang, Selangor!

Famous Restaurant In Serdang Amidst A Farm

Photo: @Sally**莎梨酸梅 (小红书)

Located right outside of the city, House Of Kambing is nestled within a vast greeneries where one can enjoy freshly grilled meats with a view. It has its very own life-stock farm where you can actually interest with lambs, goats and more animals. There’s even a camel here!

Photo: @Sally**莎梨酸梅 (小红书)
Photo: @阳光正好,微风正好 (小红书)

It’s definitely a picture worth taking over at House Of Kambing. With its vast land with greens and lambs grazing the grass, you’ll feel as if you’re being transported to New Zealand!

Photo: @houseofkambing (FB)

Highly Recommended Freshly Grilled Lamb/ Kambing Bakar

Photo: @iamfhilda (IG)

From their name, you can already guess what they’re famous for here. The grilled lamb is no doubt a must-try here and has every customer raving about it. Juicy and tender to the bone, each lamb rack/chop is marinated and freshly grilled upon order. One plate may not even be enough!

Photo: @maepsserdang (IG)
Photo: @阳光正好,微风正好 (小红书)

Besides that, other signatures include mutton soup (sup kambing), mutton fried rice (nasi goreng kambing), fried mutton (kambing crispy) and more! Of course, they serve other proteins such as chicken here as well.

Photo: @houseofkambing (FB)
Photo: @houseofkambing (FB)
Photo: @阳光正好,微风正好 (小红书)

The Perfect Spot For Mutton Lovers Or A Unique Dining Experience

Head on over to House Of Kambing for a truly unique if not memorable dining experience like no other. It’s said that there will be a queue during weekends so prepare yourself for that! Enjoy, foodies!

House Of Kambing

Address: Jalan MAEPS 4/1, 43000 Kajang, Selangor

Hours: (SAT – THU) 11AM – 6:30PM | Closed On Wednesdays

Status: Muslim-owned eatery

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram

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