Avoid Food Poisoning By Using This Simple Trick To Identify Expired Eggs

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Recently the media was bombarded by news of people facing serious food poisoning and some even death due to eating ‘puding buih’. The puddings that were sold online on 22nd May caused 99 customers to be hospitalized around the same time. Upon examination, experts concluded that expired eggs were the source of the problem.

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How To Identify Fresh Eggs

After 2 long months of low productivity, we can probably find expired eggs almost everywhere. By educating ourselves and put this little trick into practice, we can definitely save lives from committing the same mistake. Let’s look at how to identify an egg’s freshness with just a cup of water.

fresh egg test
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fresh egg test
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As you can see, floating eggs are definitely bad. Avoid eating eggs that are more than 2 weeks old as it might contain high-density of salmonella bacteria by then. It is also best to wash the eggs thoroughly because the bacteria tend to stick on the shells as well.

Other Methods To Try

  1. Shake Test

Hold the egg firmly to your ear and shake it. Fresh eggs won’t make any sound while bad ones will. The louder the sloshing sound, the older it is.

shake egg
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2.  The Candling Method

egg test
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fresh egg test
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Honestly, this is not a reliable way to test an egg as it will get harder to observe as the egg gets older. Hold the egg between your fingers and put a flashlight behind it. Fresher eggs will have a very small air pocket at the end. Meanwhile, you can see a large empty space in the older one.

Don’t Blame The Pudding

There is nothing wrong with the ‘puding buih’ recipe, we just have to be careful of what we include in our cooking. Meanwhile, the seller was suspended for two weeks due to this incident and it might be a good reminder for the other businesses alike to check on their inventories. Actually, all of us have to do this as food poisoning can even happen in our own house. Be careful ya!

Source: Wonder How To | Sinar Harian | Food Safety Malaysia

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