This 71 Years Old Pasembur Stall In Penang Opens First Classic Cafe-Concept Outlet In KL 

Penangites must be familiar with this popular pasembur stall located in Medan Renong foodcourt near Padang Kota Lama, Penang. The queue for a plate of their pasembur is always insane, however deemed worth the wait by their customers! Hussain Pasembur King is already a familiar name to not only locals, but also to tourists from across Malaysia.


They have been operating for over 70 years today and extended their business to Klang Valley recently!

Selling Pasembur On A Trishaw In 1951

In case you didn’t know, pasembur is Penang’s version of traditional salad consisting of ingredients like shredded cucumber, potatoes, prawns fritters, and more ingredients of your choice, dressed with a sweet and spicy nut sauce.

Tracing the roots of Hussain Pasembur King, we found out that they were originally selling pasembur on a trisaw back in the early 80’s. The mode of selling back then was the ‘kandar’ way, which is basically walking around the street of George Town with a handcart filled with tempting fried fritters!

Hussain Pasembur King

From three-wheel to four-wheel, this mode of selling lasted 3 generations of the Hussain family until the very end of the handcart era. The first-ever Hussain Pasembur King stall was then opened in 2001, serving pasembur with the same recipe passed down by the first generation. The soul of Hussain’s pasembur is the special pasembur sauce, which earned the public’s recognition and gained fame.

Hussain Pasembur King

Photo: Hussain Pasembur King (Facebook)

Authentic Penang’s Pasembur In KL

It’s known that people from all across Malaysia would travel to Penang just to get a taste of Hussain Pasembur King. Today, we can finally enjoy this traditional delight from Penang in KL! If you are worried about the authenticity and consistency of taste in this new outlet, be assured that they import their pasembur sauce all the way from Penang so it’ll still taste the same!

Pasembur Cheras


They have a good selection of fritters and other ingredients, from simple fried potatoes to the must-order cucur udang!

Hussain Pasembur King

Pasembur kl


Pasembur kl

Take a plate full of ingredients of your choice at the counter, hand it over to the staff and they will chop them up and lather thick sauce all over for you!

Hussain Pasembur King


Take a look at ours, so salivating!

Hussain Pasembur King

pasembur in kl

Signature Pasembur

They are generous with their signature sauce which is thick, sweet and nutty in flavours.

Modern Cafe Serving Old School Nasi Kandar

What’s special about this outlet is they are a modern cafe-concept restaurant that serves old school dishes! You can find staple dishes like nasi kandar, roti, mee sotong and more, other than their signature pasembur.

The Nasi Kandar Ayam Pasembur is the highlight here!

Ayam Pasembur

To serve you this unique Ayam Pasembur, the fried chicken is dipped into the hot pot of pasembur sauce and generously lather with more sauce after. It’s best to pair with your Nasi Kandar filled with spicy curry sauce because the sweetness of their pasembur sauce will balance out the flavours!

Another dish you should try is the Kari Kepala Ikan!

Kari Kepala Ikan

Other than Nasi Kandar, check out these signature Malaysian staples too!

Mee Sotong 

This Mee Sotong is stir-fried with their house-special pasembur sauce, it’s a savoury serve with a slightly sweet taste.

Roti Sarang Burung

Have you tried roti with avocado before? They serve this Roti Sarang Burung with raw avocado here!

It’s a unique and unexpectedly great combination with the roti. You can get raw avocado with honey upon request too for more sweetness!

To quench your thirst, these Malaysian favourite sweet treats are recommended:

Coconut Shake

Ais Kacang



Comfy Modern Classic Concept

Although this Hussain Pasembur King outlet is serving traditional dishes, what makes this place stand out is the cafe vibes and ambience here!

Find yourself comfortable sitting on the cushioned leather chair, indulging in a hearty meal. They even named the tables with names of the streets in Penang to make you feel like you are dining in Penang, with authentic Penang food!

Check Out Hussain Pasembur King @ Cheras Today!

If you want to enjoy authentic Penang’s pasembur without leaving the city, Hussain Pasembur King is located conveniently in Cheras and they have a lakeside outlet in Putrajaya too.

(Hussain Pasembur King Presint 1 Putrajaya outlet)

There’s only two outlets of Hussain Pasembur King outside of Penang as of now but they are expecting to get their franchise licence soon so there will be more to come!

Visit them to satisfy your cravings today!

*For more information regarding the franchise, please contact or +60 16 666 6874 (Razak Bin Hj Hussain, Managing Director)

Hussain Pasembur King – Bandar Sri Permaisuri

Address: No 11, Ground Floor, Jalan Dwitasik, Cheras, 56000 Cheras, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Operating time: 9am – 12am

Status: Muslim-owned restaurant

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram

Hussain Pasembur King Presint 1 Putrajaya

Address: G-010, Selera Putra Food Hall, Presint 1, 62000 Putrajaya, Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya

Operating time: 10am – 8pm

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram

Status: Muslim-owned restaurant

Hussain Pasembur King- Padang Kota Lama

Address: No 29 Kompleks Makanan Medan Renong, Jalan Tun Syed Barakbah, 10200 Georgetown Penang

Operating time: 12pm – 12am (Monday to Thursday) ; 2pm – 12am (Friday) ; 12pm – 12:15am (Saturday)

Status: Muslim-owned restaurant

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram

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