The Inventor Of Indomie’s Flavours, Nunuk Nuraini, Passed Away At The Age Of 59

When you’re hungry at night, instant noodles are the go-to meals. It is safe to say that most of our homes have instant noodles stored in our pantry. It is common to have Indonesia’s well-loved brand, Indomie, to be part of the instant noodles stash at home. Recently, the company has announced a sad piece of news regarding the creator’s passing.


Nunuk Nuraini, Passed Away At The Age Of 59

Photo: @zaza_ridwan (Instagram)

The creator of Indomie’s flavour, Nunuk Nuraini, has passed away at the age of 59 on 27th January. According to the Indofood spokeswoman, Nurlita Novi Arlaida, she said, “Ibu Hajjah Nunuk Nuraini passed away [yesterday] and returned peacefully to Allah”. However, the cause of death was not specified in the statement.

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Nunuk Nuraini has been working in the company for more than 30 years. Throughout her career, she has developed many flavours for Indomie such as the classic mee goreng flavour, soto, rendang, chicken curry, and sambal matah. Through her creations, Indomie became a household name in many countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, and even the US.

Rest In Peace, Nunuk Nuraini.

Photo: @taufiknoor (Instagram)

Since the company has broke the news, many netizens were sending their condolences online. Netizens wrote, “You are a true truly a legend for Indonesians”, “Hero of the modern age”, and “Your noodles are a gift to the world” while others are posting pictures of their Indomie as a tribute. When was the first you had Indomie? See you in the next post!

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