Instagram Music Is Finally Now Available In Malaysia

Always scrolled through Instagram stories where Instagram music is used but it’s muted because “Instagram Music isn’t available in your region”? Fret not, fellow Malaysians! The time has come – Instagram Music finally available in Malaysia! *cue the happy dance*


Instagram Music Has Finally Landed In Malaysia

Yes, you got that right! It’s been a long time coming but Instagram Music is now available in all your devices whenever you want to post a story on Instagram. You can now add them via the Music sticker where you can pick whatever songs that are popular at the moment. Or simply search for your perfect song in the search bar.

After selecting the song you want, you can even choose specific parts of the song you would like to use. Add lyrics to the songs when using it as part of your Instagram Story, or simply put it as a sticker – go wild on however you would like to place it as!


Here’s a simple guide on how to do so:

Besides that, Instagram Reels is also now available for insta-users in Malaysia. Reels is basically similar to TikTok, where you can make 15-second videos with preset effects. You can also choose to record a new 15-second clip or upload a prerecorded one and then add effects to them. Instagram Reels can be found on your specials tab (right beside the ‘Story’ button).

What Song Will You Be Adding To Your Stories First?

This is definitely great news for avid Instagram users as it instantly elevates your stories with all your favourite songs and top hits! So what are you waiting for? Start cracking your fingers and play around with the Instagram Music function now!


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