Interstate Food Delivery: 5 Famous Items We Miss From Other States

With the possibility of interstate travel still a mystery to most Malaysians, many hometown favourites have jumped on-board the e-commerce bandwagon to enable an efficient interstate food delivery system. This is so they can serve their loyal patrons who are in other states during the lockdown and help their business stay afloat during these extremely challenging times. 

Many iconic restaurants across Malaysia are facing similar predicaments on whether they would be able to weather this third and tumultuous lockdown or if they have to throw in the towel and call it a day. 

We have already seen the legendary Air Itam Assam Laksa, which was heralded by Anthony Bourdain, to have closed their tables for a last time earlier this year. The longer the lockdown carries on, the higher the number of culinary institutions that have existed for decades will be forced to shut, unless patrons demand for more of these staple dishes through e-commerce or other interstate food delivery methods.

Interstate food delivery –  Am I dreaming?

1. Kluang Coffee, Johor

The famous Kluang coffee, a staple among natives and dwellers in the district, now can be found online with delivery to your doorstep. Factories and retailers alike are not waiting for consumers to come back but are taking steps to get their products to them instead.

interstate food delivery
Kluang Coffee

Here’s where you can buy the famous Kluang coffee: Website

2. Hai Tao Kee, Alor Setar

Another example is the beloved Hai Tao Kee Char Ying Yong (or also known as Kung Fu Chow or simply Cantonese noodles) based in Alor Setar that sees a steady stream of local and neighbouring customers frequenting its premises for their famed noodles. 


interstate food delivery

The owners are recognizing the increasing homesickness of Alor Setar dwellers who are currently in lockdown in the Klang Valley and provide delivery services for those that are quick to book when delivery slots open up. The unique taste and cooking style of the dish preserves the nostalgia of Alor Setar and provides a brief comfort of home.

Here’s where you can place order for your favourite dishes at Hai Tao Kee: Just Order Today | Website

3. Cheng Woh Traditional Medical Hall, Penang

For some popular food vendors, the online world has not been a stranger. For fourth-generation Cheng Woh Traditional Medical Hall, e-commerce has already been an avenue of commerce as many of its patrons are frequent customers and prefer buying it online rather than to traverse into Penang island each time. 

interstate food delivery
Cheng Woh Medical Hall
interstate food delivery
Cheng Woh Medical Hall

However, the pandemic had accelerated the growth and demand for these products and customers are now acquainted with buying them on e-commerce platforms such as Shopee. Selling online has also transformed his business into a purely local market to one that is mostly e-commerce based, which has cast the owners’ net to wider shores, even Sabah and Sarawak.

Here their website to place an order: Cheng Woh Traditional Medical Hall

4. Sin Weng Fai Peanut Candy Shop, Ipoh

The legendary Sing Eng Heong business started nearly 60 years ago in Ipoh by selling their signature kaya puffs. Determined to innovate and grow the business, the owner’s family devised an original recipe for peanut candy, thus giving birth to the now popular Sin Weng Fai. According to the owners, the long-lines that used to exist outside their shop, pre-pandemic, are no longer. To combat this challenge, they too moved online.

interstate food delivery
Sin Weng Fai
Sin Weng Fai

Here’s their website to place an order: Sin Weng Fai Peanut Candy Shop

5. Lucky King Bun, Seremban 

Lucky King Bun is a must-try spot for those visiting Negeri Sembilan. The restaurant which was first established in the 80s, is most famous for their huge baked buns that are filled with a flavor-packed chicken or pork curry. Realising that tourists contributed the most to their sales, they decided to make it possible for people in other states to enjoy this one-of-a-kind bun. 


Lucky King Bun
interstate food delivery
Sophia Tan Chor Yeen

Once delivery dates, the buns are baked and prepared on the same day before they are driven to the designated pick up points while still fresh. 

Sophia Tan Chor Yeen

interstate food delivery

Here’s where you can order these curry buns: Lucky King Bun


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