Find Out What Does KFC Super Fan Kamlesh Really Think Of KFC Malaysia During His Visit Here

Only one man has succeeded in trying over 50 KFC worldwide. And he’s not only tried them all, but has also declared Malaysia’s KFC to be the best of the best. We’re talking about none other than the one and only KFC Super Fan, Kamlesh Mistry. You may have read that he recently made a trip back to Malaysia, now we’re all wondering the same thing…is KFC Malaysia still as good as he thought it was.


KFC Super Fan Lands In Malaysia With One Thing In His Mind – KFC

The first thing that Kamlesh felt as he landed was the warmth. Yes, our weather played the part but also from everyone who greeted him with open arms. A fried chicken garland was just the icing on the cake for him as he got on the KFC mobile to another surprise awaiting him. 

The sounds of kompang and Colonel Sandars welcoming gang definitely had Kamlesh smiling from ear to ear. Dancing and cheering as they welcome him to familiar friendliness and warm hospitality. But nothing has him fully prepared for the most KFC hotel ever right here in KL! Yes, you saw that right, Kamlesh and his family checked into his suite all decked out in his favourite red and white hues. 


Making Friends On The Journey To #KawanOri All Across Town 


During his trip here in KL, Kamlesh made tons of memories worth a lifetime as well as making new friends from all walks of life. But it was more than that, he made several surprised KFC deliveries and trips too. He was invited to fellow Malaysians’ homes and immersed fully in the local culture. 


It wasn’t long before Kamlesh realised that while KFC was great globally, Kepci in Malaysia still hits differently. And it was because of the people here. The sense of kinship that fellow Malaysians had, forging real friendships was as easy as ABC ice kacang.

Of course, he managed to get a word from KFC Malaysia’s CMO May Ling to really find out how Kepci Malaysia is slightly different from the others. Finding out that while KFC original is still the core of the Colonel Sanders recipe. Our Hot & Spicy KFC is uniquely Malaysian with extra crisp and elevated flavours.

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Another Trip Down To Malaysia Soon?

While this is goodbye, we sure hope that Kamlesh drops by Malaysia again soon! Who knows, probably the next time he’s back, he would have tried even more KFC outlets worldwide. But we’re certain about one thing – Kepci Malaysia will certainly hit home for him in ways only we Malaysians know. 

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