KFC Super Fan From UK Spotted Making Multiple Deliveries In Malaysia

Remember the guy from UK dubbed as the first KFC Super Fan? Kamlesh Mistry was spotted going around KL doing deliveries! Handing out KFC in Malaysia, which he crowned as being THE BEST KFC IN THE WORLD, Kamlesh is making friends here as a delivery guy in disguise. 


How Exactly Did Kamlesh Land This KFC Delivery Job?

It all started after Kamlesh mentioned that our country has the most interesting KFC menu in the world. KFC Malaysia then invited Kamlesh to jalan-jalan in Malaysia and explore our culture! This led to the KFC team surprising the KFC Super Fan with the mastermind delivery plan- Journey To #KawanOri! 

Kamlesh Takes It To The Kitchen Of KFC

Before he goes on his special delivery trip, we learnt that the first thing Kamlesh did in Malaysia was visiting the most unique KFC outlet in Malaysia, KFC Bukit Raja in Klang with design inspired by fast-food joints in the 1950s. But he is here for more than just an instagrammable photo! 

Kamlesh wanted to see what goes into each piece of his favourite KFC chicken so he met the big boss, Chief Marketing Officer of KFC Malaysia, Chan May Ling to learn what makes the chickens in KFC Malaysia so special.

As a super KFC fan and as someone who thinks KFC Malaysia has the most interesting menu ever, Kamlesh is just humbled and excited to have a coffee session with Chan and know more about how things run for the outlets in our country.

Kick Starting His Delivery Mission With #KawanOri

There is only more that Kamlesh wanted to know about our Kepci and there is no better way to find out through asking an everyday Malaysian on the street. That’s when Kamlesh reached out to a Kawan, our local television personality and host, Brandon Ho. On Day 2 of Kamlesh’s stay in KL, Brandon made it to Kamlesh’s hotel room to drop the delivery news!

And his #KawanOri journey begins. We saw it clearly because of the van he’s riding:


And the special clothes he’s wearing, with Brandon Ho hyping it:


A Lunch-Time Delivery To An Office

Imagine you are super hungry while doing your work in the office and someone shows up with bags of KFC in all smiles. Angel. The first stop for Kamlesh is to brighten up hungry office buddies’ day with the delivery mission! Giving out KFC that’s more than enough to fuel the folks’ working day, everyone was so wel-kamlesh! 


A Warm Visit To Gem & Bread 

Continuing his Journey To #KawanOri, Kamlesh brought another round of joy to the family of Gem & Bread. He passed the KFC chickens and snacks to the children with special needs and took some time to hang out with his new friends there. 

Kamlesh Meets Local KFC Fan

The KFC Super Fan meets a local KFC fan next! Despite being strangers coming from different parts of the globe, one thing that connected them is their love for Kepci! 

The Elders At Old Folks Home Gets KFC Too

One last stop before they wrap up the delivery trip, Kamlesh made it all the way to the My Noble Care Nursing Home for the elderly. Proving that Malaysians of all ages love KFC, the elderly were happy to see KFC too!

A bit of chit-chat and enjoying KFC with them, Kamlesh’s delivery mission, accomplished .

A Fan-To-Fan Kepci Delivery

This delivery mission is definitely a meaningful one for Kamlesh as he gets to make friends in the most exciting and memorable way. Delivering KFC as a KFC Super Fan, one thing Kamlesh does notice is that Malaysians are all so welcoming and always happy to have KFC together! We’re all a Kepci Super Fan after all. 

Check out Kamlesh’s Journey To #KawanOri now!

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