This Guy From UK Dubbed As KFC Super Fan Named KL As The Best KFC & He’s Finally Back In Malaysia

We all love Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) but have we ever proved our love as much as the FIRST KFC Super Fan? This UK man Kamlesh Mistry went as far as trying out more than 50 KFC restaurants around the world when travelling with his family and friends! What’s more, when asked which country has the best KFC, he answered, Kuala Lumpur. Following this, KFC Malaysia reached out to Kamlesh to visit our home country once again, but this time, it’s a journey to #KawanOri! Read on to find out more! 

From A Simple Text To Friendship 

KFC Super Fan Kamlesh Mistry

Soon after the KFC Super Fan Kamlesh Mistry mentioned our country having the most interesting KFC menu in the world, KFC Malaysia invited Kamlesh to visit Malaysia!

KFC Super Fan Kamlesh Mistry

And that’s where the friendship began! Not only Kamlesh got to visit Malaysia, he also checked into the most KFC hotel ever, join the Jalan-Jalan Kongsi Kepci, and more! 

KFC Super Fan Kamlesh Mistry

Fell In Love With KFC When He Was 12 Years Old

Kamlesh recalls his love for the fast-food chain when he was just 12 years old. Ever since, he has travelled to every corner of the world, even the remotest cities like Reykjavik in Iceland and Tallinn in Estonia in his quest to find out which KFC is the best. 

Super Fan
Photo: DailyMail (Website)

Not to mention, he even wore a Colonel Sanders costume during his bachelor’s party in Valencia, commissioned special KFC t-shirts for his friends and even requested a KFC bargain bucket-shaped cake for his 25th birthday!

Super Fan
Photo: DailyMail (Website)

If that’s not love, we don’t know what is! 

More Than 50 Countries Across The Globe

Some of the countries he’s visited for KFC include Croatia, UAE, Mexico and more! 

KFC Super Fan Kamlesh Mistry
Photo: DailyMail (Website)

Kamlesh’s journey proved worthwhile when he became the FIRST KFC Super Fan back in 2020, granting a year’s supply of FREE fried chicken from KFC which became a staple on his menu during celebrations and festivities! 

He also received KFC dressing gowns, face masks, t-shirts and his favourite prize of all, the custom ceramic bargain bucket with his face on it. 

Points KL As Having The Most Interesting KFC Menu Of The Lot

He said, “Kuala Lumpur definitely had the most interesting menu. I love spicy food, and they had a lot of spicy alternatives.” And, of course, it tastes better!

No doubt! The fresh taste we all love in KFC is made possible due to the brand’s efforts in prioritising the quality of its products. This includes ensuring that the chickens are kept fresh and not frozen to maintain juiciness, preparing their batter, and each piece is hand-breaded daily! 

True to its “Quality Taste Guaranteed” initiative, KFC promises quality taste in every crunch and every bite of its fried chicken, giving you that special Kepci taste.

KFC Chicken

But does Kamlesh agree? He put Malaysia’s KFC to the test once again! 

Kamlesh’s Journey To #KawanOri

Stay tuned to find out what Kamlesh Mistry did in Malaysia and what other menu he tried and if he liked it!



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