KEWPIE’s Fun & Power-FULL Salad Is Now Available At These 26 Cafes In Malaysia

Time To Eat Healthy & Fun!

If you find yourself strapped to a hectic schedule with insufficient time to go for a nutrient-packed meal, then we’re here to help! 

Introducing PowerFULL Salad, an initiative to bring a great and fun way to fuel up with nutrients as part of your daily diet by KEWPIE Malaysia. 

And, here’s the best part, you can conveniently get it at 26 cafes across Malaysia! Let’s check it out.

A Fun & Nutrient-Packed Power Salad Perfect For The Modern Lifestyle

When we hear salad, we often think it is merely an appetizer or a side-dish of boring pieces of leaves. But if you turn it into a Power Salad, you can get a full, complete meal. The difference between a salad and a Power Salad is that the latter contains four essential elements namely vegetables, fruits, protein, and toppings.

Step 1: Start With A Colourful Array Of Vegetables

Step 2: Add Fruits

Step 3: Add Protein

Step 4: Sprinkle Some Nuts & Seeds

Step 5: Top Your Power Salad With Your Favourite Kewpie

If you can’t wait to DIY your very own Power Salad at home, here is a list of cafes that KEWPIE Malaysia  has collaborated with to serve a range of PowerFULL Salad bowls. And, they will be serving this throughout Christmas and Chinese New Year so be sure to check them out.

Northern Region

  1. Chef Audee

2. La Taste

3. Mansion28 Cafe

4. Tiffz Coffee Gallery

Kuala Lumpur Region

5. 103 Cafe

6. Belly Superfood

7. Choo Choo Chicken

8. Craft Cafe

9. Cravings

10. Eathami

11. Garage51

12. JC Deli

13. Jemi Cafe

14. Lean & Rush

15. Med Mex

16. Michsology

17. Oh Cha Matcha

18. Papasan Canteen

19. Poke Village

20. Salad Atelier

21. Say Cheese

22. Space26

23. Super Ramen

24. Tayo Bowl

25. The Link Cafe

26. Washoku

If you’re dropping by to try out a Power Salad, then you can even stand a chance to win a TouchnGo reload pin. Just purchase a Power Salad, submit your receipt and you’re good to go.

Fuel yourself up with a PowerFILLED Salad today! 

With Power Salads being readily available at these locations, you can get all the necessary nutrients your body needs to keep you healthy and happy. 

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