Your Fried Chicken Is In Good Hands! KFC Taking Good Care Of The Quality Of Your All-Time Favourite Fried Chicken!

Whenever we mention fried chicken, our minds will immediately think of the dear old face of Colonel Sanders, the unforgettable face of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Since its first establishment in Malaysia in the 70s, KFC has left a mark on every Malaysian with its ‘Finger Lickin Good’ fried chicken. We tried it ourselves! We can say that we got no issues with the size, and the quality is top-notch!

The public has spoken! A lot of Malaysians who enjoyed the 2 for RM20 promotion have noticed that the KFC chicken they bought were big and up to their satisfaction. The pictures of the purchases they shared prove that the chicken thighs and drumsticks are as delicious and juicy as ever!

Quality Assured: No More Worries For All Fried Chicken Lovers

In an effort of maintaining the high quality of its fried chicken, KFC has this initiative where if you are unsatisfied with your fried chicken when you’re dining in like if it is not hot or juicy enough, you can now ask for a replacement by just scanning the QR code prepared in-store and filling up the form (not applicable for takeaway and delivery). Here’s how: 

1. Look for the QR code on your table

2. Scan the QR code using your phone and press “Get Replacement”

3. Fill up the form

4. Present this page at the counter to get a new replacement

True to its “Quality Taste Guaranteed” initiative, KFC promises quality taste in every crunch, every bite of its fried chicken.

KFC Guarantees Freshness In Every Bite

The fresh taste you love in Kentucky Fried Chicken is only made possible with the brand’s efforts in prioritising the quality of its product. You’ll be glad to know that KFC keeps their chicken fresh, not frozen to maintain the juiciness of its meat. They also prepare their own batter, and every piece is hand-breaded every day so you can enjoy the perfect taste in every bite. 

They also import high-quality, 100% plant-based chicken feed to nourish their flocks to ensure every meat is tender once cooked. That’s how you can enjoy your favourite fried chicken effortlessly!

Head On Over to The Nearest KFC Outlet To See For Yourself

You have to see it to believe it. Visit the nearest KFC restaurant to try out their quality fried chicken and see for yourself. If you ever feel unsatisfied, you can always voice out and ask for a new replacement by filling up the form via the QR code on your table. Satisfy your fried chicken craving now with a good ol’ KFC bucket or a filling Snack Plate.

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