KFC UK Collaborates With Pizza Hut To Create Iconic Popcorn Chicken Pizza



  • Mega fast-food joints; KFC and Pizza Hut rolls out Popcorn Chicken Pizza
  • Available in the UK only, until 16th February 2020
  • Each Large-sized Popcorn Chicken Pizza is priced at £18.99

Popcorn Chicken Pizza By KFC & Pizza Hut Is Now A Thing In UK

Hello friends! As we all know, the year 2020 is bound to be a year with novel creations and out-of-the-world visions. And this similarly applies to the food scene too. This is why we’re here to tell you that the most legendary collaboration has taken place. Behold, the two fast-food titans; KFC and Pizza Hut has rolled out Popcorn Chicken Pizza! YES, it’s legit and they’ve just released an iconic cross-over for all fast-food lovers, available in the UK only. So, just keep reading!

Popcorn Chicken Pizza
Photo: @kfc_uki (Instagram)

Over the years, KFC and Pizza Hut has always been our favourite go-to fast food joints to satiate some pizza or fried chicken cravings. And today, with their latest invention of the Popcorn Chicken Pizza, we can get the best of both worlds at one spot. How cool is that?

Popcorn Chicken Pizza
Photo: @pizzahutdeliver (Instagram)

Now, as per usual, let’s take a deeper dive into this really interesting interpretation of pizza. So, essentially, the Popcorn Chicken Pizza has a classic large base and instead of the usual tomato sauce, its gravy consists of KFC gravy.  The fun doesn’t end there; the toppings of the pizza include mozzarella cheese, sweetcorn and pieces of KFC Popcorn Chicken. It’s like you’ll get crispy and cheesy all in one bite. Perfection.

Popcorn Chicken Pizza
Photo: @kfc_uki (Instagram)

Also, it’s a brand new release from the two mega fast food joints, and this news was announced via Twitter. This iconic combo is to commemorate National Pizza Day and it really is the best news we’ve heard so far, hands down.

Popcorn Chicken Pizza
Photo: @kfc_uki (Twitter)

So, if you reside in the UK, then you’re really blessed because the Popcorn Chicken Pizza from KFC and Pizza Hut is only available from now until 16th February. Limited edition goody, it is. And, we must say, this item really tops the 2020 iconic creation chart. Till next time!

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Price: £18.99 for 10 slices (Only Large size available)

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