KOI Thé Is Having A Grand Opening in IOI City Mall & Stand A Chance To Win Exclusive Prizes

Surprise, surprise! If you have not been keeping up with KOI Thé, you’re probably unaware that they are finally opening a new outlet in IOI City Mall. Despite so many renditions of bubble milk tea springing up recently, most of us would agree that KOI still has one of the best bubble teas around KL. When we first heard the news, we were thrilled for foodies staying in Putrajaya. Driving to 1 Utama or KL to have a sip of your favourite milk tea can be a pain in the neck but now, happiness is just a stone’s throw away.


KOI Thé Is Having A Grand Opening in IOI City Mall & Stand A Chance To Win Exclusive Prizes

To give you a little backstory, did you know KOI Thé actually originated from Taiwan? Those of you who have been to Taiwan are probably raising your eyebrows and thinking “What are you talking about? We never saw KOI Thé in Taiwan.” Well, that’s because they go by a different name – 50 Lan (50嵐). It was then marketed as KOI Thé in other Asian countries for a more contemporary vibe and has been a well-loved bubble milk tea ever since.

Bubble Tea Lovers, Rejoice!

We headed over to their new outlet in IOI City Mall and what caught our attention was their aesthetically-pleasing colour scheme. Unlike their other outlets in Malaysia, this kiosk features a rose gold theme which will definitely serve as the perfect Instagram background for your beverages. Their huge and bright exterior made it impossible to miss and stood out like an oasis in the desert.

Golden Bubble Milk Tea, Here We Come!

For those of you who have never tried KOI Thé, where have you been all this time?! (Okay, we kid.) Anyhow, KOI Thé newbies, you’re in for a treat. If this article has piqued enough interest for you to consider giving it a shot, wait till you’ve read our review!

Starting off with everyone’s go-to beverage on the menu, we had to give classic Milk Tea (RM 7.10 (S) / RM9.70 (M) ) a try. Bubble tea connoisseurs often critique bubble tea brands based on milk tea along with the texture of tapioca pearls; KOI Thé’s Golden Bubble Milk Tea ticks off every box on the list. And yes, you read that right: it’s Golden Bubble. The main ingredient that distinguishes KOI Thé’s milk tea from the rest is their personal take on tapioca pearls – rather than the black pearls you typically get in most places, KOI Thé’s beverages are topped with extra chewy Signature Golden Bubbles. This is truly a must-try to complete your boba experience.


Don’t Forget About Tea Enthusiasts!

Another handmade artisan tea that deserves a mention is their Black Tea Macchiato (RM6.70 (S) / RM 9.80 (M)). We have tried a number of black teas before, but topping it with frothy cream was a first for us. Do not mistake it as cheese; the fluffy topping is actually their in-house cream. The slight sweetness from the cream complements the bitter aftertaste from the tea perfectly and it is surely the best of both worlds.


Hmm, Matcha Is The Way To Happiness!

Matcha lovers, where you at?! Previously KOI Thé’s Matcha Latte (RM 9.80 (S) / RM1 3.40 (M)) was a hit in Taiwan and was sold out repeatedly since its release previously. That’s how we knew we couldn’t afford to miss this out and share it with our readers. Curiosity got the best of us and we found out the secret behind it: matcha green tea poured over fresh milk for the perfect layered look. Once you’ve shaken it, the matcha taste becomes more distinctive and if you’re looking for new matcha sweets to try, this is a great alternative. From our pictures, you can see that it has a very cool gradient effect. Definitely worth getting it for the Gram’ and for your taste buds too!

Did You Say Ovaltine?


To wrap up our bubble tea adventure, we tried Ice Cream Ovaltine (RM8.20 (S) / RM 11.30 (M)). Forget about mainstream Milo, this is where you can find the Ovaltine version of milk teas. If you have a sweet (or at least sweeter than usual) tooth, you have to give this malt treat a shot. Topped with a scoop of ice cream and golden bubbles, it is the ideal drink to cool off on a hot day.

KOI Thé Is Having A Grand Opening in IOI City Mall & Stand A Chance To Win Exclusive Prizes

To celebrate their grand opening in IOI City Mall on Saturday 13th April 2019, KOI Thé is giving you a chance to win yourself some goodies worth up to RM10000! What? Count us in! (T&Cs apply)

credit @ koithemalaysia (instagram)

You read it here first, all you have to do is purchase two Medium beverages on the day itself and you’ll be able to take a shot at the claw machine until you win a prize from them! And since we recommended 4 of our favourites, we’ve made things easier for you 😉 If you’re still undecided, we would suggest getting the Golden Bubble Milk Tea and Ice Cream Ovaltine with Golden Bubbles which we enjoyed the most out of the four.

credit @ koithemalaysia (instagram)

If you’ve missed out on Day 1, fret not as they have more promotions coming your way – get a small Golden Milk Tea at only RM5 with every purchase of 1 Medium beverage, exclusively on 14th April 2019 and 15th April 2019 (Sun&Mon)!

All the best to everyone and we hope you’ll win the iPad! Let us know if you are the lucky one!

T&Cs apply :
-Promotion only available for in-store purchase at KOI Thé @ IOI City Mall.
-The promotion drink is Golden Bubble Milk Tea and cannot be changed.
-Strictly no upsize, additional toppings or remove of toppings allowed.
– Cannot used in conjunction with any other promotion / voucher / loyalty programme rewards.
-Promotion period: 14th Apr – 15th Apr 2019 (All day)

Our Verdict

We love every drink we featured but we have to say, nothing beats their Signature Golden Bubble Milk Tea. If you’re happen to be in IOI City Mall, you should definitely check out this gem. Share your favourite beverages in the comments below, we are always eager to try out new drinks!

Address : Lot LG-K8A, Lower Ground Floor, IOI City Mall, Lebuh IRC, Ioi Resort, 62502 Putrajaya
Operating Hours : 10am-10pm. Opens daily.

Find KOI Thé here :
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