This Famous Fried Chicken Hawker Stall Since 1983 Has More Than 10 Outlets In Klang Valley Today

Lim Fried Chicken (LFC) began with a couple’s pure intention to maintain livelihood by selling nasi lemak at a small hawker stall. But the small business unexpectedly bloomed for its tasteful goodness. Here’s the story of how a humble local fried chicken stall has massively grown across the Klang Valley in less than 40 years.


Lim Fried Chicken Has Been Frying Since 1983

lfc founderPhoto: Lim Fried Chicken (Facebook)

Founders of LFC, Mr Lim and Mrs Lim hailed all the way from Malacca with a just-do mindset to earn a living in KL. Just like many businesses out there, business was slow when they first started. At some point, they couldn’t even sell a whole chicken in a day. However, that did not let Mr and Mrs Lim down as they kept doing what they wanted to do- serving people a plate of hearty food.

The First Rising Point of LFC

Hard work and persistence seem to pay off. Words spread like wild fire when more folks in Subang Jaya discovered this small hawker stall in SS14’s Wong Soon Kee coffee shop. Ever since LFC does not go a day without a crowd and long queue. People would visit the coffee shop just for LFC!

Photo: Lim Fried Chicken (Facebook)

lim fried chickenPhoto: Lim Fried Chicken (Facebook)

However, just when they thought everything is going well, they had to face some difficulties in rental matters where they ended up being only allowed to run their business from 2 pm to 7 pm business at the stall. It was an awkward business hour as lunchtime is over and it is too early for dinner.

A Limitation-Turned-Unique Selling Point

When limited business hour was the issue, it was Mr and Mrs Lim’s persistence that kept the business going. For the same reason, they ended up being the stall people look for and are willing to wait for. It was a difficulty they were able to overcome as they grab the opportunity to just keep going. LFC opens at 2pm? Let’s wait! It closes at 7pm? Let’s hurry there! LFC’s popularity in town was only growing at that time.

lim fried chickenPhoto: Lim Fried Chicken (Facebook)

A New Journey Begins When LFC Opened Their Own Store In 2015

After 32 years of putting up with the strict rental conditions where what they can do there is limited and restricted, the founders decided to step out of that little stall that made its name with heavy hearts. That was when LFC had a fresh start as they finally opened their own store in SS15 in 2015 with a larger space and larger hearts to serve customers better.


lim fried chicken

lim fried chicken

Although running a store is a whole lot different than running a hawker stall, LFC took baby steps into the challenge of meeting the expectations of customers in terms of food quality, dining environment and services. They took customers’ feedback to heart and are constantly making improvements.


Fast forward to 7 years later, LFC now has 15 outlets across Klang Valley today. Was it passion that led them to grow this big? Yes, but the food is what makes more returning customers and more demand for LFC.

Serving The Same Comfort Food Since 1983

lim's fried chicken

It’s been almost 40 years and the menu of LFC remained the same because what they have been serving are the gems. Most known for their Malaysian flavour signature fried chicken, LFC doesn’t only sell fried chickens but also other dishes like Chee Cheong Fun, Sambal Sotong, Curry Mutton and Nasi Lemak.


lim fried chickenLFC Signature Drumstick Rice & Vege

lim fried chicken chee cheong fun

LFC Chee Cheong Fun (Curry Sauce/ Sweet Sauce) + Drumstick

LFC Sambal Sotong Rice

LFC Curry Mutton Rice

lim fried chicken nasi lemakLFC Nasi Lemak Drumstick

LFC Representing Malaysian Flavour Fried Chicken

lim fried chicken

lim fried chicken

Touching on how fresh and delicious their food is, is an understatement. Because what matters to LFC is how they serve their dishes with the same passion and spirit as 39 years ago. From a small and humble hawker stall to being the LFC today, Lim Fried Chicken’s journey has just embarked on a new chapter where they wish to introduce their flavours all around the country, and even overseas. One day, LFC would be representing Malaysian food in the fried chicken category across the world.

A taste that we all love, let’s enjoy having LFC foodies!

Lim Fried Chicken (Sri Petaling)

Address: 7, Jln Radin Bagus 7, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Operating hours: 10:30am-9pm

Status: Muslim-friendly

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