Gorgeous New Chinese-French Cuisine Restaurant Opens In KL Serving Innovative Dishes

Ling Long, the latest addition to The Five@KPD in Damansara Heights CBD, offers diners a unique and unforgettable Chinese dining experience. Ling Long’s innovative approach to Chinese cuisine showcases the depth and complexity of traditional dishes in new and exciting ways by incorporating French culinary techniques.


A harmonious blend of tradition and innovation at Ling Long Restaurant Kuala Lumpur

Led by Chef Lucas Lam, the restaurant sources high-quality seasonal ingredients from local farmers and fishermen to create dishes that are both rooted in tradition and yet innovative and exciting. Chef Lam, an experienced culinary professional, is responsible for leading the restaurant’s kitchen. Chef Lam has worked in a variety of positions across multiple prestigious restaurants in Singapore and Malaysia, developing exceptional culinary skills, passion for quality food, and an unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled culinary experiences.

The menu at Ling Long offers a distinctive take on gourmet Chinese cuisine, combining different elements from around the world to enhance the flavour profiles of its dishes. For example, the roast duck at Ling Long uses a special roasting method for crispy skin, like the classic Chinese style, while incorporating French techniques to achieve a unique and innovative texture of the meat.

Ling Long is more than just a restaurant – it is an immersive dining experience that will transport you to a modern Chinese oasis. From the moment you step inside, you will be enveloped by the warmth and elegance of Chinese heritage, with a design that showcases an abundance of timber, terrazzo, and stone. Ling Long is a perfect destination to indulge in a unique Chinese culinary experience, with a seating capacity of 28, including 22 seats at the counter and a few low tables.


The goal was to create an atmosphere that feels like a Chinese home, with a relaxing and welcoming ambiance that incorporates natural elements and landscape. The masculine and bold vibe is balanced with a sense of privacy that makes Ling Long the perfect spot for a romantic dinner, a night out with friends, or a business meeting.

One of the unique features of Ling Long is the bar counter area, where you can sit and watch the talented chefs at work. Not only can you observe the mastery of their culinary techniques, but you can also interact with them and learn more about the preparation of our exquisite dishes.


Dinner is available from Tuesday to Sunday, 6pm to 11pm (9pm last seating) while Lunch (soon to be launched) is available from Tuesday to Sunday, 12pm to 3pm (2pm last seating). Ling Long is closed on Mondays.

Ling Long offers gluten-free and vegetarian options with 24 hours advance notice for dietary restrictions. The restaurant is pork-free, and a corkage fee of RM100 for wine by bottle and RM200 for spirit by bottle is applied. Guests are encouraged to book early to secure a table. The restaurant serves course menu only. For table reservations of 8 pax and above, please call the restaurant for further arrangements.


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