llaollao Malaysia Launches Cendol Frozen Yogurt In Celebration Of Hari Raya 2020


  • llaollao Malaysia launches Raya Special flavour, Cendol Frozen Yogurt
  • Available at llaollao outlets nationwide except Genting Highlands, KLIA2, SOGO, Penang Sentral, and Midvalley Southkey
  • (1) Small Tub of Cendol Frozen Yogurt is priced at RM13.85

Selamat Hari Raya foodies! It’s the very first day of Raya today and what better way to celebrate this festive season than by enjoying a tub of llaollao? And, not just your typical tub of froyo but a Raya Special flavour, Cendol Frozen Yogurt. So, if this flavour piques your curiosity, you need to keep reading to find out more about it.

llaollao Releases Raya Special Flavour, Cendol Frozen Yogurt

When it comes to llaollao, it’s every Malaysian’s go-to favourite brand of froyo. Froyo, to most of us, is an excellent stress-relief from work, school, and just about anything. Including its wide array of toppings and sauces, really, what’s there not to love about llaollao?

Photo: @rebeccasfoodiefairytale (Instagram)

In addition to that, llaollao’s Well-Nesday is one more reason why we can never get enough of it. Every Wednesday, there will be discounts ranging from 11% all the way to 33%. This itself is enough to have every Malaysian hooked and get their frozen yogurt cravings satiated.

Photo: llaollao Malaysia (Facebook)

It’s not often that llaollao releases new flavours. Aside from their unique Black Froyo, that’s a Black Friday sale, keeping things original (like their froyo) is llaollao’s mantra. So, when we see new a brand new flavour, we reckon we need to share it with you guys.

Photo: llaollao Malaysia (Facebook)

Penang is known as that humble island with really good street food. And, Cendol is just one of the many local street desserts that’s a pride to Penangites. Collaborating with Penang’s famous cendol brand, Penang Teochew Chendul, this flavour is a novelty at its best.

llaollao Cendol Frozen Yogurt
Photo: @noreznieza (Instagram)

Each cup of Cendol Frozen Yogurt comes with toppings such as Pandan Cendol, Almond Crocanti, Red Beans, and drizzled with Gula Melaka Sauce. Curious how it tastes like? We have no idea either but hey it’s 2020, and it’s definitely a year to try out new things.

llaollao Cendol Frozen Yogurt
Photo: @llaollaoMalaysia (Facebook)

Will You Be Trying Out This New Froyo Flavour?

Now available at all llaollao outlets nationwide excluding Genting Highlands, KLIA2, SOGO, Penang Sentral, and Midvalley Southkey. Each Small Tub of the llaollao Cendol Frozen Yogurt is priced at RM 13.85 and will be available for a limited time only. So, if you wanna know if this combo works, then head to your nearest llaollao outlet today and give it a go. Bye for now!

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