llaollao Malaysia Celebrates Their 4th Anniversary With Froyo At RM11 Only On 11.11

Is 11.11 your favourite date of the year yet?

Hello, foodies! Arguably one of the most recognisable dates of the year, 11.11 inches close and we can’t wait for it. If you are already thinking about doing some online shopping, don’t think…just do it. It’s also a celebration of Single’s Day and treating yourself to some dessert is how you celebrate. Single or not, everyone loves a good dessert. Well, your favourite Spanish froyo, llaollao is having an amazing 11.11 promo!


llaollao Frozen Yogurt For RM11 Only On 11.11 At All Outlets Nationwide

Photo: @lhr_gourmet (Instagram)

llaollao is also celebrating their 4th anniversay here in Malaysia and to get the festivities going, they’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon and celebrate it on 11.11. Although there are crazy discounts and deals everywhere, how about enjoying some froyo at RM11 only?

Photo: llaollao Malaysia (Facebook)

llaollao is basically frozen yogurt or rather, yogurt ice cream…which means it’s good for you! It’s definitely a guilt-free dessert because of all the good bacteria you get from yogurt. In addition, we all know that you can choose from so many fresh toppings at llaollao! For instance, choose from strawberries, mangoes, kiwis, or even grapes. Whichever topping it is, don’t forget the chocolate drizzzzle!

Photo: @chandanvbhat (Instagram)

11.11 gives us reason to online shop, to splurge, and to indulge. And you know it, we all love a good cuppa frozen yogurt with fruit toppings. It’s delish, isn’t it? Also, the additional chocolate drizzzle is just…a must. What are you waiting for? Head to your nearest llaollao outlet on 11.11 to enjoy froyo for only RM11. Did we mention it’s for ALL sizes? Because, yeah that too. Omnomnom.

RM11 llaollao Froyo Only On 11.11 From 12PM to 9PM At All Outlets Nationwide

Photo: @visitjohor (Instagram)


llaollao Malaysia 11.11 Promotion

  • RM11 (all sizes)
  • Promotion valid at all outlets nationwide
  • Promotion valid from 12PM to 9PM
  • Valid only on 11 November 2019

Feature image credit: (Left) Mid Valley Megamall (Google Images), (Right) @chandanvbhat (Instagram)

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