llaollao M’sia Teases The Release Of Durian Sauce & Netizens Are Having Mixed Feelings


  • llaollao Malaysia teases a new release of sauce.
  • Durian sauce has caused mixed reactions among netizens.

Hello, friends! Available in almost every shopping malls in Klang Valley, llaollao needs no introduction. Recently, the frozen yogurt brand had collaborated with Niko Neko Matcha to release the most delectable matcha sauce. Well, without a doubt, llaollao has been working on its innovation. Just today, the frozen yogurt brand teases a release of a new flavour with a casual online poll!

Durian Sauce: Yay Or Nay?

Photo: llaollao Malaysia (Facebook)

Just today, llaollao uploaded an image of its frozen yogurt, with swirls of yellow coloured sauce. Accompanying the frozen yogurt, there are durians, and the words, “Yay or Nay?” placed on top. The simple post has started a debate among netizens regarding durian as a sauce for llaollao. At the time of writing, the post has garnered more than 350 reactions, 150 comments, and 70 shares.

Photo: llaollao Malaysia (Facebook)

It appears that netizens are equally divided with “Yay” and “Nay”, depending on the amount of love they have for the King of Fruits. But, we have so many questions! If llaollao is truly introducing durian as a new sauce, will the frozen yogurt brand use the best durian such as Musang King? Will the overpowering smell linger in all llaollao outlets? So. Many. Questions.

Which Side Are You On?

Photo: llaollao Malaysia (Facebook)

Nothing gets Malaysians more excited than the durian season. With many brands incorporating durian as a flavour, such as Musang King ice-cream by Nestle, it definitely prolongs the season. Should llaollao introduce this new flavour, we are wondering what’s the best toppings to go with it! Fruits, for sure! Which side are you on for llaollao’s casual debate? Let us know in the comments!

You can check out the post here. 

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