Local Baker Meets Difficult Customer Who Insists Not To Pay Delivery Fees As It’s “Walking Distance” Only


Home bakeries are sprouting everywhere as many have turned to their passion and build a business from their kitchens. With even more choices on different types of pastries and cakes, as foodies, we are definitely not complaining about it! However, things took a turn for the ‘weird’ for this newly opened home bakery that specialises in delicious-looking apple tarts.


Local Baker Meets Difficult Aunty That Persists Not To Pay For Delivery

A Facebook post from a local baker had went viral after depicting his conversation with a local customer who was interested in getting a taste of his apple tart. At first, the customer had seemed friendly by complimenting on the apple tart. But soon after, the customer seemed displeased  after finding out the price of the tart and number of apples used per pie.

However, the customer proceeds with the order, asking to be sent at 12PM the same day. Even though, the apple tarts are only opened for pre-order. Before signing off, she had asked for the the delivery fee to be waived as she mentioned that the location is very near from the home bakery and is “walking distance only”. A quick check and it’s found that it is no where near walking distance as it takes over an hour to walk over to the customer’s location.

Alls well that ends well, Jian Wei actually didn’t go through with the order as they are only open for pre-order. Well, it seems like he may have dodged a bullet there.

We Found Out Where These Apple Tarts Are From

Photo: @mapomme__ (Instagram)

These apple tarts that uses 3 Granny apples are actually from Ma Pomme. A quick chat with Jian Wei, the baker who posted the FB post, it’s found out that he only started selling apple tarts for less than a month. Opened by Jian Wei, a culinary professional with more than 10 years of experience. He also has a restaurant in Setia Alam but has been struggling to stay afloat due to the current situation. Hence, his team turned to baking apple tarts that fits almost any occasion. You can drop them a message for more info if you’re interested. Reminder: the apple tarts are available for pre-order only!

Photo: @mapomme__ (Instagram)

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