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Taiwanese Bubble Tea Brand Machi Machi Malaysia Rolls Out New Drinks

It’s bubble tea o’clock and we have something sweet for you! The renowned Bubble Tea Brand, Machi Machi Malaysia has just rolled out a new menu, the Fresh Coffee Milk Tea series. Don’t miss this one out if you’re a fan of bubble tea! 


Machi Machi Malaysia Rolls Out New Fresh Coffee Milk Tea Series:

Best known for their cheese tea and limited serving of milk teas daily, Machi Machi Malaysia has recently launched two drinks under their NEW Fresh Coffee Milk Tea series. 

Chocolate Mocha Milk Tea is made with their renowned milk tea and paired with thick, smooth chocolate sauce. Then topped with a light textured coffee mousse for a rich and layered taste! 

Caramel Coffee Milk Tea, on the other hand, is made with their signature cream cheese foam milk tea. Paired with a dark roast coffee mousse and drizzled over with sweet caramel sauce, you’ll love this creamy, bittersweet drink. 


Both bring out a rich, silky texture and have the perfect aftertaste of milk tea and coffee mixed together. It sort of reminded us of the previous Dalgona trend. Also, can we take a moment to appreciate how cute these drinks look?

Head over to their store and try out their new Fresh Coffee Milk Tea series! Don’t forget to share this out with your friends so that they get to try out these creamy drinks. That’s all, stay safe and buh bye!



Machi Machi Malaysia

Address: H20, Ground Floor, Lot 10 • Bukit Bintang.


Operating Hour: (Mon-Thurs) 12-9:30 p.m (Fri-Sun) 12-10 p.m

Instagram: Please Follow @machimachi_malaysia

☎️: +60 3 2110 6023

Link: Facebook | Instagram 

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