Make the Most Out Of Your Dining Experience at Hai Di Lao with These 10 Hacks

Hai Di Lao has just opened recently (yesterday, to be exact!) at Sunway Pyramid and the queue was insane ! This eatery which was founded in the Sichuan Province with over 300+ branches worldwide currently has certainly made Malaysians went crazy for it. The crowd proves how good Hai Di Lao is and if you do not mind splurging on a scrumptious steamboat meal, Hai Di Lao is definitely the place to be.ย  We were lucky enough to get a spot right before its opening so, here are the 10 Hacks at Hai Di Laoย we have discovered and we are more than happy to share them with you!


Make the Most Out Of Your Dining Experience at Hai Di Lao with These 10 Hacks

#1 Order 1/4 grid Soup Bases Instead Of One Full Pot

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Yes, you’ve heard that right – Hai Di Lao offers you 4 different grids where you can opt for 4 different broths! They have over 7 different broths such as Sichuan Spicy Hot Pot, Mushroom Soup Hot Pot, Tomato Soup Hot Pot, Sichuan Pickled Hot Pot, Three Delicacy Hot Pot, Local Laksa Hot Pot and Pork Stomach with Pepper Hot Pot. Through this way, you can try all different soup bases and it’s great for gatherings as well because there is something for everyone. We recommend getting their signature Sichuan Spicy Hot Pot if you can take the heat.ย  Besides, you can refill the broths as many times as you like FOR FREE so guess who is going to have the best of 4 worlds? YOU.

by @ killgirlx (instagram)

#2 Hai Di Lao Homemade Sauce

At Hai Di Lao, they have an array of condiments for you to mix and match. Unleash your inner Gordon Ramsay and be as creative as you can because your dip just might be the next big hit ๐Ÿ˜‰ But if you want to feel a little more exclusive or you don’t feel like making one on your own, be sure to ask their staffs forย  “Hai Di Lau” sauce instead which not many patrons may know about. We’ve tried it and let’s just say, they certainly did a better job than us. Paired their homemade sauce with tender pork belly, it will surely satisfied your taste buds.

#3 Request for Hot Water As Your Broth For Free

by @ cnlulaby (instagram)

You’re probably wondering “Okay…..what?”. But don’t worry, we promised you this is literally the best hack in HDL that you’re ever going to find out. Saving you a couple of bucks, you can request one of your grids to be clear hot water and they won’t be charging you a single cent for it! However, this is where you need to put your mixing skills to the test and if you are unsure on which condiments taste best together, ask their friendly staffs for a helping hand. They have a couple of recipes in mind and are always willing to help you and create a DIY soup base.

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#4 Order Half Portion Instead of Full Portion

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If you’re not visiting in a big group or everyone is generally a small eater, we recommend that you opt for half portion instead of one full portion! Not only will this reduce the risk of food wastage but this is more pocket-friendly than ordering one portion since it is literally half of the price.ย  And dont let the word “half” fool you into thinking the portion is small because they can easily feed up to 2-3 people. You get to try a variety of other dishes too because what is the point of steamboat if not to overfeed ourselves? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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#5 Try Hai Di Lao Malaysia Local Broth

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Hai Di Lao Malaysia serves one of our local delights, the Local Laksa Hot Pot and it is nothing too spicy unlike their Sichuan Spicy Hot Pot. And guess what? You can only get it here in Malaysia! Not Shanghai , not Hong Kong, not anywhere except here so grab the opportunity by ordering the laksa broth to tantalise your taste buds! Another one of the exclusive soups which you can only get it in Malaysia is none other than their pork peppered soup so pork lovers, this one is for you.

#6 Get Free Flow Snacks While You Queue

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Being one of the very first outlet that opened in Malaysia, you bet that the queue is going to be super long. But fret not, HDL has prepared something light for their hungry customers. Offering a ton of snacks for you to munch on while waiting such as popcorn, childhood favourite snacks and more! If you feel like having desserts before mains, remember to grab a cup of ice cream too. With their impeccable service, it’s hard to resist giving Hai Di Lao a go.


#7 Do It For The Gram – Hai Di Lao Styled Noodles

by @ haidilaohotpotus (instagram)

Video or it didn’t happened, am i right? One of Hai Di Lao’s specialty is their HDL’s styled noodles or known as kung fu noodle where you can watch a live performance of their chef stretching your noodle and dunking it into the broth to cook. It is truly an interesting concept and a great way to spice up your instagram game too ๐Ÿ˜‰ It doesn’t only look good but taste great too (springy!) and noodles are only priced at RM5.

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#8 Request To Get Your Prawns Peeled For You

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We know peeling prawns can be such a pain in the neck but at Hai Di Lao, the staffs are more than willing to help you peel! Usually, they will ask if you would like to keep the heads intact or not, but we recommend keeping them as it helps to add and enhance a little flavour to the broth! When it comes to food, all we want is just the fuss free way of eating and you can certainly get that at Hai Di Lao.

by @haidilaosingapore (facebook)

#9 Dine Like A Tai Tai and Get A Free Manicure

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Ladies, there is a FREE gel manicure service right here at Hai Di Lao which means more reason to come! Located right beside the entrance of Hai Di Lao Sunway, there is a manicure station where you can pamper yourself to a free manicure service done by HDL staffs. Definitely something you can opt to do while you’re waiting for your turn and there is a variety of colours and glitter designs which you can choose from so the options are not limited #pamperyoself

#10 Take Advantage Of Hai Di Lao Freebies

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Who doesn’t love free stuffs? At Hai Di Lao, their freebies are here to make your dining experience more comfortable. They offer free hair ties (girls, they understand your struggle) , free phone protectors so the broths wouldn’t be splashing on your phones and last but not least, they are thoughtful enough to provide bag protectors! We can’t forget about their aprons as well which definitely helps to prevent stains on our shirt. This is a rather uncommon service provided by steamboat restaurants in Malaysia so Hai Di Lao is certainly a one-of-a-kind.

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Make the Most Out Of Your Dining Experience at Hai Di Lao with These 10 Hacks

So, we listed all 10 hacks for you to make your dining experience at Hai Di Lao super worthwhile. If you have any other hacks that you would like to share with our fellow foodies, do leave them in the comment below! We hope to see you utilizing all these hacks and eat to your heart’s content ๐Ÿ˜‰

Find Hai Di Lao Here:

Address : Sunway Pyramid, G1.PT.02, 3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Operating Hours : 10:30am – 3am. Opens daily.
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