Malaysian Cuisine At Its Best With Madam Kwan’s Ramadan Selection!

Tastes Like Malaysian Heritage

We know what good food is and what tastes like; we know what cuisine to look for and where to find them. With chains in many malls around Klang Valley as well as one in Genting Highlands, Madam Kwan’s success is owed to the excellent Malaysian cuisine that they serve in a cosy and modern environment. Yes, we know Madam Kwan’s may be some of your all-time favourites! This season, you can enjoy Malaysian Cuisine At Its Best With Madam Kwan’s Ramadan Selection!


Madam Kwan’s Ramadan Selections!


Tiffin Meal Set

by @ madamkwans (Instagram)

With enough to form bulges on two people’s bellies, they serve four tiffins of different meats as well as sides. Particularly, the four tiffins include Nyonya Fish, Assam Prawn, Lamb Rendang, and Fried Chicken. Sides are Madam Kwan’s Lemang, Fresh Acar, and Keropok Ikan. Such large variety allows one to enjoy a little of each and every Ramadan dish that Madam Kwan’s has to offer, yet not leave feeling unsatisfied! No promises you won’t leave without wanting more, though — it’s so good…

Of course, what’s the point of telling you what they offer if you can’t imagine how it tastes like? With my Imaginator 9000 at a lowly price of RM9000, you can! The Nyonya Fish was my personal favourite. With an aromatic shrimp base accompanied by only a hint of spiciness, the flavour of the Nyonya belacan bursts in your mouth even when you sample it at only the tip of your fork. The freshness of the fish meat makes it springy, making each bite a true delight. It’s quite perfect.

The Lemang that accompanies the dishes compliments them well, too! The underlying sweet taste of the glutinous rice along with some of Madam Kwan’s Nyonya Fish gives you one of the best mouthfuls of nyonya cuisine!


What about the other dishes? How do they stack up compared to the Nyonya Fish and Lemang? Well, you’re going to have to try it out yourself!

Nasi Ambang

Madam Kwan’s Nasi Ambang is not too different a story. With many of their Ramadan favourites included, it comes with Chicken Satay, Nyonya Fish, Assam Prawns, Keropok Ikan, Lamb Rendang, Fresh Acar and steamed white rice. It’s a rather large portion, so unless you’re a big-eater, sharing between two is recommended!


The Nasi Ambang differentiates itself from the Tiffin Meal Set by having Chicken Satay instead of Fried Chicken, as well as steamed white rice instead of Lemang. As some may know, the quality of satay from a certain somewhere famous for it AHEM has degraded over the years. With Madam Kwan’s, however, it still presents Chicken Satay at its best! Tender and slightly fatty, it’s the kind of Chicken Satay that expresses the taste of its grilled, oily, and succulent nature prominently.

Our Thoughts?

You probably know by now that the places we feature are always a go-go for us. ? This place is no different! With their Ramadan Selection, it tastes like Malaysian heritage. Should you have any thoughts, let us know in the comments below! Share, like, the usual good stuff will do miles for us, too! =)


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