Mama Kim Wellness Kitchen Launches New Tom Yum Sauna Mee & It’s Perfect For Spicy Food Lovers

Healthy, Hot, Sour & Spicy!

Hello, foodies! If there is one place that serves delicious healthy food, then we are definitely talking about – Mama Kim Sauna Mee. And, we bring fantastic news because the wellness restaurant just launched their new Tom Yum Sauna Mee and we bet that it’s so yummy!


New Tom Yum Sauna Mee @ Mama Kim

Photo: @leeqin (Instagram)

If you haven’t tried Mama Kim, you are definitely missing out! This is because the healthy restaurant chain serves up deliciously satisfying meals that we guarantee you will go back for. Their most famous dish includes their Sauna Mee, and it is absolutely delicious. And, the good news is that they just recently launched a new soup flavour and it’s Tom Yam!

Photo: @mamakimmalaysia (Instagram)

Here’s a fun fact: spicy foods may keep your heart healthy. So, it seems like a little spice in your life is actually good for you. Well, with the release of their newly launched Tom Yam soup, we bet that so many of you can’t wait to try it!

Available In-Stores Now

Photo: @thefitbite (Instagram)

Besides having a go at their new Tom Yam Sauna Mee, here are some other dishes that you must-try: Fruit Tea, Pumpkin Fried Rice, Cheese Baked Rice, and more! For their full menu, see here. So, what are you waiting for? Do you know someone who loves Mama Kim? Make sure you tag them in the comment section below! And, let us know what you think of the new Tom Yam Sauna Mee if you’ve tried it! Bye for now!

Mama Kim Wellness Kitchen

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Feature image credit: (right) @thefitbite (Instagram), (left) @leeqin (Instagram)

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