WATCH: Local Man Cries After Finally Having “Teh Tarik” At The Mamak After Two Long Months

We'd Cry Too...If We're Being Honest!

Hello, foodies! Dine-in was recently allowed for fully-vaccinated individuals across Klang Valley. If you didn’t know, we haven’t been able to dine-in for more than two months and for some of us, we really miss it! So, heading out to do it for the first time in a long while might stir up some emotions. And, that was absolutely the case for this local man who cried after having “teh tarik” at the mamak after two months!


Local Man Cries After Finally Having “Teh Tarik” At The Mamak Since Dine-In Is Now Allowed

Photo: @kenanganmengusikjiwaaa (TikTok)
Image: @kenanganmengusikjiwaaa (TikTok)

In a viral TikTok video, this local man can be seen crying after taking a sip of “teh tarik” at the mamak. After being questioned by his friends on the reason why he teared up, he said that it had been a really long time since he hung out at the mamak shop. It is clear to say that he certainly missed it and it felt like it was surreal.

Photo: @kenanganmengusikjiwaaa (TikTok)
Image: @kenanganmengusikjiwaaa (TikTok)

It’s no doubt that he is crying tears of joy and that he is showing how much he misses hanging out with his buddies and “dining in” at the mamak. In the video, he can also be seen asking the staff for some tissue to wipe his tears! Check out some comments from netizens below who also feel the same way;

Image: @kenanganmengusikjiwaaa (TikTok)

WATCH The Full Video Here


Bila lama kau tak lepak mamak be like #fyp #abangbodohkasayabodoh🤣 #tiktokmalaysia #vaccine

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Do You Miss Hanging Out At The Mamak?

Surely some of us can agree with how this local man felt. We’ve all made plenty of good memories at the mamak and it’s also more than just being able to finally dine-in after so long. So, we totally understand and we feel you! Do you miss dining in and have you done it yet (if you are fully-vaccinated)? Do share your experience with us in the comment section!

Source(s): Malaysia Trend (Website) | @kenanganmengusikjiwaaa (TikTok)

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