M’sian Artist Transforms KL’s Masjid Jamek Station With Eye-Catching Graphics

It goes without saying that Malaysia, our beloved home country houses many creative talents. We’ve seen them drawing murals, portraits on Starbucks cups, face masks, and many more. Speaking of creative works, have you guys seen the popping optical art at KL’s Masjid Jamek Station by Malaysian artist, Nawwar Shukriah Ali aka Bono Stellar?

Mind-Tripping Artwork By Local Artist At Masjid Jamek Station

Based in KL, Bono is an art director and designer-turn-multidisciplinary artist. The Kuala Terengganu – born artist makes art out of iridescent films and plexiglass which appeal to the imagination and senses.

Masjid Jamek Station artwork

Masjid Jamek Station artwork

Bono’s latest collaboration with Vans Malaysia features the staircase and escalator at KL’s Masjid Jamek Station being wrapped in mind-bending art. Project 063 began when Vans approached Bono back in April. The movement control order in May further provided the artist additional time to fine-tune her work.

Masjid Jamek Station artwork

Masjid Jamek Station artwork

You can find Bono’s trippy, mind-bending art at the Masjid Jamek Station’s stairs as well as escalators. On top of that, Bono’s art also zipped around town aboard Train 147 whereby it was wrapped with the artist’s iconic graphics. The artist hoped that her work could improve the city’s mood and bring smiles to people.

Masjid Jamek Station artwork

Masjid Jamek Station artwork

Masjid Jamek Station artwork

Did You See This?

This stunning artwork was only available for public viewing until the 31st of October 2021. So, we just have to ask, how many of you guys managed to catch a glimpse of this eye-catching piece of work?

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