The Team Behind KL’s Famous Street Arts Creates Brand New ‘River Of Life’ Mural At Masjid Jamek

Magnificent Piece of Art


  • New mural emerges at River of Life, Masjid Jamek
  • Easily spotted when you visit the River of Life
  • A brand new addition by the team behind Jalan Alor’s famous street art

Take A Look At This Brand New Lively Mural At KL’s River Of Life

It’s probably been a long time since most of us have been to the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Even though we’re not completely in the clear yet and it’s still best to stay at home as much as possible, you’d want to take a second look at this. Because the iconic River of Life in KL just added a whole new note-worthy mural to visit and take pictures at!

Photo: @amirulariff__ (Twitter)
Photo: @amirulariff__ (Twitter)

A brand new street art has emerged and is gaining huge traction on Twitter for its lively drawing covering an entire building right by Klang River. The intricate mural showcases three men in a river surrounded by luscious flora, one of them is seen trying to catch a fish. This may be a reflection of what the Klang river was set out to be before undergoing rapid urbanisation. No matter what, it’s undoubtedly a magnificent addition to the city.

Photo: @amirulariff__ (Twitter)
Photo: @amirulariff__ (Twitter)

Right By The River Of Life – KL’s Latest Recreational Spot

Photo: @amirulariff__ (Twitter)

This larger than life mural is located at KL’s River of Life, near Masjid Jamek. If you didn’t know, the River of Life project was a seven-year project that had been completed last year. It saw the cleaning and beautifying of the highly industrialised river in the heart of the city. Since the completion, it has also been named the best waterfront in the world by UK’s Independent last year.

Photo: @amirulariff__ (Twitter)

The Dream Team Behind KL’s Famous Street Art

Photo: @amirrysf (Twitter)

Now, you may find the mural to be quite familiar, you ain’t wrong. Because the artists behind the River of Life mural is the same ones behind the famous murals all around KL! According to a Twitter post that has went viral as well, Amir mentioned that his father and his team are the ones responsible for these impressive street arts. The more notable ones are Jalan Alor’s colourful revamp a few years ago as well as The Lost Stream where an alleyway was turned into a river stream.

Photo: @amirrysf (Twitter)

Adding The River Of Life Mural To Your Top Instagram Spot To Visit

Will you be adding this to your must-visit places in KL in the near future? However, we still highly encourage you to stay home and wait it out a bit more. Don’t worry, the mural is there to stay and won’t be going anywhere soon. The same goes with the River of Life, if you’ve yet to visit it. So, be patient, and you never know – a new mural might pop up anytime soon!

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