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Bucket List: 10 Instagram-Worthy Murals & Street Art In Kuala Lumpur

There are so many things to explore in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. From checking out the best shopping malls for retail therapy to chowing down on the best street food Kuala Lumpur has to offer, the list is endless. Here’s another activity to add into the ever-expanding list, 10 Instagram-Worthy Murals & Street Art In Kuala Lumpur. It is time to add some colours to your Instagram page!


Get your cameras ready!

1. Jalan Alor

Photo: @th_tan (Instagram)
Photo: @thisisme2018z (Instagram)

Google about Jalan Alor, and you will probably find truckloads of the street food photographs. This street has been known for its delectable street food offers for decades. Fill your belly with fried chicken wings, and so much more. Head down during the evening to capture the beautiful street filled with colourful murals. Painted with bunnies, butterflies, and birds, animal lovers will enjoy this spot!

2. Changkat

Photo: @hwan_travelholic (Instagram)
Photo: @saraannelica (Instagram)

Nearing to Jalan Alor, Changkat is commonly known for its lively night scene with blaring live bands in every corner. There are different spots in Changkat that are absolutely Instagram-worthy. This spot with a stream of river on the ground, trees on the walls, and clouds right above is a favourite. Don’t miss out on snapping on rainbow buildings, too!

3. Kwai Chai Hong

Photo: @vivienlaw_1010 (Instagram)
Photo: @vivienlaw_1010 (Instagram)

Stepping into Lorong Panggung, you will be immediately transported to the golden era of 1960s. Be absolutely mesmerised with murals of heritage buildings, and even a scene from Kung Fu Hustle. Yes, we are talking about the iconic landlady. Apart from the murals, this spot is well-decorated with hanging lanterns, and a wooden red bridge. Time to start snapping!

4. Red by Sirocco

Photo: @redbysirocco (Instagram)
Photo: @redbysirocco (Instagram)

Feast your eyes on the tallest mural in Malaysia! Painted on the side of Red by Sirocco, the 25 storeys high mural has been certified by The Malaysia Book Of Records. A project by Sabah born Kenji Chai, the mural encapsulates Malaysia’s diversified culture. Titled Courage To Dream, the most prominent feature is a Dayak woman, followed by tropical flora and fauna, and some of Malaysia’s favourite hawker food.

5. Jalan Raja Chulan

Photo: @akid_one (Instagram)
Photo: @spaisel_80 (Instagram)

Here’s something really adorable for the ‘gram! A little boy wearing a tiger hat while playing with his tablet. Titled as “Brave”, this mural was completed in 2014 by Anokayer and Yumz, previously known as Medium Touch. In this mural, it is about exploring the modern technology and protecting heritage at the same time. It is beautiful sight with KL Tower in the shot!

6. Jalan Galloway

Photo: @musanggala (Instagram)
Photo: @goddesshireenxxx (Instagram)

Baby Shark doo doo, doo doo doo doo! Well, this is no baby shark. This mural definitely replicates the famous 1975 film, Jaws, really well. We love the fact that it is so symmetrically painted, with two of the windows slightly touching the shark. Step inside, and you will be entering a deadly trap. With the mouth wide open, and all the sharp teeth, it is hard to miss!

7. Jalan Tun Tan Siew Sin

Photo: @nafish_mblphotography (Instagram)
Photo: @kem_foto (Instagram)

You have probably seen Kiehl’s mural at Malacca creeping up on your Instagram. But, did you know that there’s a similar one located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur? Passing by Jalan Tun Tan Siew Sin, and you wouldn’t miss this masterpiece. This mural has a scene of a neighbourhood with houses in different shapes and sizes. Covering the entire wall, it works well for both close-up and a long shot for your Instagram!

8. Jalan Telawi

Photo: @mr_kenjichai (Instagram)
Photo: @mr_kenjichai (Instagram)

Created by Kenji Chai and friends, this bright graffiti is residing in one of the coolest spots in Kuala Lumpur. Tucked in Bangsar, you will find many notable restaurants and cafes along the street. Back to the graffiti, titled Pork Party Production, there are six parts to the mural. Don’t miss out on taking photos of the dog and pig relationship. The blue coloured dog is Kenji Chai’s staple!


9. Jalan Gereja

Photo: @mariangsili (Instagram)
Photo: @jasoncoward13 (Instagram)

Looks familiar? This is a masterpiece by the legendary Ernest Zacharevic. This larger than life mural was initially commissioned to create awareness to the public for an insurance plan by Allianz General Insurance company. On the mural, you will see a boy on a sampan, with a background of a kampung house. A lady can be seen looking out from the window.

10. Petaling Street

Photo: @splatrsart (Picomico)

Petaling Street is a must-visit for tourists whenever visiting Kuala Lumpur. Aside from buying knick-knacks, there are so many different types of street food to feast on. A little under the radar, but there are many interesting street arts to be captured here! Take a look at Funkdamental, this piece of art was created by Malaysian illustrator Katun. Bright, colourful, and perfect for the ‘gram!

Where are you visiting first?

How many of these murals have you seen in real life? It is time to make a checklist and tick them all off! Apart from these murals listed, there are so many other hidden murals to be found in Kuala Lumpur. If you have any favourite murals in Kuala Lumpur, do drop a comment and share it with others! Will you be checking out these murals yourself?


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