McDonald’s Teases Netizen With Chocolate Brownie McFlurry And It’s A Torture

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  • McDonald’s released Chocolate Brownie McFlurry In Taiwan.
  • Teased netizen on Twitter to bring it over to Malaysia.
  • Netizen loved the idea and wholeheartedly support it.

OREO McFlurry and Milo McFlurry are yesterday’s news. If we are can have Chocolate Brownie McFlurry, would you like to give it a go? I mean, the fluffy creamy soft serve paired with chunks of chocolate delights? I would have them any day!

Chocolate Brownie McFlurry
Photo: @thimnotieyqa (Twitter)

Chocolate Brownies McFlurry

Only a few days ago, McDonald’s released an enchanting concoction of brownies and McFlurry in Taiwan. Needless to say, it looks awfully delectable! Thankfully, with the power of social media, Malaysians are quick to catch on and immediately requested for it on Twitter. Replying the Tweet of @thimnotieyqa on Twitter, McDonald’s Malaysia asked the netizen, “Do you want it?”

Do You Even Have To Ask?

Looking at the currently 23.5K retweets and 40.1K likes, no doubt, Malaysians are saying “YES!” Now McDonald’s Malaysia just has to complete their end of the bargain. The netizen are being pretty straightforward in the comment section as well.


“Are you crazy? Of course, we want. We would queue as far as from KL to Selangor for it.”



“THIS IS SO INTERESTING! HELLO MCD YOU HAVE TO SELL THIS! I won’t love you any more if you don’t.”


Please Don’t Mess With Our Feelings

Chocolate Brownie McFlurry
Photo: @Rluluia (Twitter)

Hopefully, this is not a prank. Even if the Chocolate Brownie McFlurry made it’s way to Malaysia, pray that it won’t be too pricey. What do you think? Would you like to have this flavour in Malaysia? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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