This Spot In Chinatown, KL Draws Huge Crowds For Their Freshly Made Sliced Beef Mee Tarik

If you frequent the Petaling Street area, then you will find a long queue for this simple looking restaurant (right in front of Leaf & Co. cafe). Thanks to the power of TikTok, this spot has garnered a huge crowd for its sliced beef noodles with hand-pulled noodles and we knew we had to find out what’s all the buzz.


Popular Muslim-Friendly Mee Tarik Spot In The Centre Of KL

KL Foodie
KL Foodie

Located in the busy streets of Chinatown, this gem of a restaurant serves a wide range of authentic Chinese Muslim food. But people come here more specifically for its Mee Tarik (hand-pulled noodles) in beef soup and succulent beef slices. Each bowl is freshly made to order. Add in chilli oil to instantly elevate your soup with a flavourful punch.

Photo: @thatfoodygal_ (IG)
Photo: @thatfoodygal_ (IG)

Besides that, crowd-favourites also include steam or fried dumplings that come in either lamb, beef, chicken or chives with eggs. Meanwhile, you can find a variety of well-marinated grilled meats on skewers or even perfectly spiced chicken wings during dinner time.

Photo: @thatfoodygal_ (IG)
Photo: @cityygrubs (IG)

Warm Soupy Hand-Pulled Noodles Perfect On Rainy Days

Have you tried their mee tarik before? If you haven’t, it’s time to get in with the hype and queue for a bowl of heavenly hand-pulled noodles. Do prepare yourself to wait a bit if you’re going during peak hours. Enjoy, foodies!

Mee Tarik @ Pasar Seni 

Location: 34, Jalan Sultan, City Centre, 50000 Kuala Lumpur, Selangor

Hours: (DAILY) 10AM – 4AM

Status: Muslim-Friendly

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