Mi Sedaap, Malaysia’s Favourite Mi Goreng Takes Iconic Flavour To The Next Level

Almost all Malaysians love instant noodles. We can never resist the urge for a big plate of instant noodles, no matter the time of day. To take its iconic flavour to the next level, Malaysia’s number one mi goreng, Mi Sedaap has introduced a new flavour of Mi Goreng Ayam Bakar Limau.


The innovative flavour is inspired by our local legendary aromatic grilled chicken and its spicy piquant sambal, made available in the form of instant noodles.

“Grilled chicken is one of the most popular local dishes found across the Malay archipelago, heaven to diverse traditional dishes. What’s distinctive about our grilled chicken is that it combines a unique blend of spices that produces a burst of fresh lime aroma, paired with a spicy tangy sambal that tantalises all your taste buds. We are delighted to introduce our innovative interpretation of this exquisite dish as the latest addition to our list of mouthwatering flavours. Mi Sedaap Mi Goreng Ayam Bakar Limau is also complemented by our signature KriukKriuk® Daun Limau, coated with fresh lime taste, to be sprinkled as toppings,” said Ms Kam Ai Nee, Head of Marketing of Gentle Supreme Sdn Bhd.

As one of the leading brands in the instant noodles market for over 19 years, our vision is to provide quality products as we believe that the best things in life should be accessible to all. With the introduction of Mi Sedaap Mi Goreng Ayam Bakar Limau, Malaysians can now get a quick fix of this legendary dish to satisfy their craving.

Mi Sedaap factory is certified with ISO 22000 Certification for International Standard of Food Safety Management and ISO 9001 Certification for International Standard of Quality Management System. We have an extensive line of products that have been enjoyed by consumers in more than 30 countries including Malaysia over a decade. All our products meet the production standard that is highly controlled and produced under stringent production and supervision standards, as well as meeting food safety standards throughout the supply chain. Therefore, Mi Sedaap products are safe and always sedaap!

Mi Sedaap Mi Goreng Ayam Bakar Limau is available in 89g x 5 bundle in all leading supermarkets nationwide.


Source: Press Release

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