This Milk Tea Shop In China Hired 100 People Per Day To Pose As Customers & Create Hype

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  • A milk tea franchise in Shanghai, China called Chazhilan, is now under investigation for fraud.
  • It is reported that the milk tea brand hired up to 100 imposters a day to line up in front of shops to make it seem like the business was booming.
  • In addition, photos of people lining up outside the shop were reportedly used to attract investors and franchisees.
  • After further investigation by Shanghai police, the milk tea franchise is charged with fraud and around 90 people were arrested.
  • For more about this, read here.

Milk Tea Franchise In China Under Investigation For Fraud

Photo: Sixth Tone (Website)

According to several news websites, reports say that this milk tea franchise in Shanghai, China called Chazhilan is now under investigation for suspected fraud. This is in light of numerous scam reports that the milk tea franchise was hiring up to 100 people per day to pose as customers to generate hype and show that the business was booming.

Photo: MINEWS (Website)

It is also reported that this scam was a move to attract potential investors as well as franchisees. Photos of people lining up were reportedly used to attract them into thinking the the business was doing well. It is said that each “imposter” could receive around 40RMB to 80RMB. For more on this story, check out this news website.

Source: Sin Chew Daily 

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