Mobile Legends Flickers To KL For Its First Global Campaign Tour!

Arm yourself with a powerbank!

Today might just be one of the best days for us gamers, as we have some rather good news. Behold — Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) is coming to Kuala Lumpur! Being an event that will surely tickle your fancy, it also presents itself as a golden opportunity to meet like-minded people! As part of their month-long 515 Unite Global Campaign, they’ll be having a tour in KL, dropping special gifts and exclusive opportunities for us MLBB fanatics.


There’s A Whole Lot More Than Meets The Eye…

Beyond hearing the game praise you for your moments of brilliance, MLBB is a multiplayer online battle (5 versus 5) game played on mobile phones that runs on a rather sophisticated system. MLBB has gained a large following of more than 60 millions active users worldwide, with a presence in more than 135 countries, and 23 languages available. 20ms ping? That’s from the support of 700 different servers — and yes, the bad connection is from your ISP all along!

What’s The Campaign All About?

With LED-lit trucks trundling along in the bad weather forecast of traffic jam, the campaign has stopped by multiple places in Malaysia including Penang, Kedah, and Perak. With Kuala Lumpur next in line, the campaign will be dropping by Sunway Pyramid and Fahrenheit88 Mall for all to be part of! The legend goes that five heroes (representing five different parts of the world) need to band together to save the world. And no, Thanos is not the antagonist of this story…

Mobile Legends’ first stop in Penang

What’s even cooler about this is that this campaign will actually celebrate a Malaysian MLBB hero — Badang, a tribal warrior based on Malay folklore! Wonder when Hang Tuah is gonna get added in ?.

You Really Think You’re Better Than Them?

We all have that super annoying friend that claims that they’re better than the professional gamers. They would talk for hours on end about what they would’ve done better to win the match. What better way to have them prove themselves (or if it’s you that’s annoying, then prove yourself) at an event whereby they’re able to personally challenge and play against the professional e-sports gamers? Form a team, and show them who’s the boss/ crap-talker!

Meet & Greet With Renowned Influencers and Cosplayers!


There are many notable cosplayers and influencers that will be attending the once-in-a-lifetime event with you.

You will get to meet Le Josette, Geek Fam, Fyra Team, Emcee Meera, and MGAG. Let’s not forget that Sazali Samad, 10-times winner of Mr. Universe will be attending too! Spoilers: we’ve seen pictures of him cosplaying as Badang! Dang those muscles…

Meet cosplayers and influencers at 515Unite Global Campaign

Freebies: Something About Them Is Just… Irresistible

Yeah, free stuff. It’s the thing that all Malaysians and Singaporeans flock to. With this event, about 300 goodie bags of exclusive merchandise (fan, lanyard, stainless steel straw set, and T-shirt) will be yours for the taking. All you have to do is attend the event and/or join in on some of their fun and games! Oh yeah, they’ll have limited edition Miya figurines and Hyper X Cloud Earbuds, too! MLBB if you’re reading this, please sponsor a HyperX Cloud Earbuds to CSLAce (me)… AHEM!


MLBB-Themed Touch ‘N Go Card!

by @ MobileLegendsGameMalaysia (Facebook)

Need an excuse to get a themed Touch ‘n Go card? With all proceeds going to the Pintar Foundation (a foundation that improves educational outcomes in under-performing schools), special edition 515 Unite Touch N Go cards will be available at the campaign itself for RM25 each! Tell your parents/ significant other that it’s for a greater cause, only because it really is ?.

What More Is There To Know?

Young or old; dude or dudette; noob or noob-er. It matters not, for there’s a little something for everyone to enjoy at the campaign! Mark your calendars, for the campaign rolls out its carpets at Sunway Pyramid on the 4th of May and at Fahrenheit88 on the 18th of May! Assemble a group of friends to enjoy challenging pro-gamers, win freebies, and bask in the hype for MLBB!

Mobile Legends 515 Unite Event Details

Sunway Pyramid | Date: 4th May 2019 | Time: 12:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Fahrenheit88 Shopping Mall | Date: 18th May 2019 | Time: 12:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

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