This M’sian Designer Creates Surreal Local Buildings Photos That Look Magical?

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Hello friends! Surrealism is an art that challenges our usual perception of reality. Sometimes, people with a great sense of imagination can even create a whole different world altogether. Like this Malaysian Creative Designer who is striving at this game. Clearly, his creations can make anyone giddy with excitement.

thezairul surreal practitioner
Photo: @thezairul (Instagram)

Surreal Photos Of Local Buildings

Shared by Mr. Zairul Puad on his social media are surreal photos that he created for both work and hobby. The 31-year-old KL dweller fell in love with surrealism since 2010. “In the art of surrealism, there are no rules or restrictions. So you are free to produce art straight from your imagination,” he said.

the zairul surreal practitioner
Photo: @thezairul (Instagram)

This was proven by some of his works that were derived from his dreams. Like the “Koi Series”. According to Mr.Zairul, he uses local buildings in some of his creations because they possess unique features that fit him.

the zairul surreal practitioner
Photo: @thezairul (Instagram)

Let Your Imagination Run Free

Although the designer admitted that he doesn’t intend to portray anything through his work, Mr. Zairul said that his works are open for perceptions and interpretations. “I just want to portray unusual scenes to my viewers. I can’t tell them what to feel because feelings are subjective.” Apparently, the designer had also gained an award from Uniqlo in 2012 for the “Most Voted” artwork in Tokyo.

the zairul surreal practitioner
Photo: @thezairul (Instagram)

Make Your Hobby A Career

Currently taking commissions from customers abroad, the designer will charge his works according to the difficulty level of each job. His only advice to the readers is to focus on your passion, “Make your hobby a career.” Hopefully, Malaysians are inspired by this story and know that nothing should stop you from chasing your dreams. We can do this guys!

 the zairul surreal practitioner
Photo: @thezairul (Instagram)

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