Watch: M’sian TikToker Doing Hilarious Food Challenges That You Would Never Think Of

Petai Smoothie???

Are you up for a little challenge? Here’s proof that you don’t need to go the extra length to have a good time. This guy has been executing simple but creative challenges from his followers and it was straight-up hilarious. You might think that these challenges are ridiculous but you have to admit, he got guts.


Taking Food Challenges From Followers

There’s an abundance of ways for us to be famous on TikTok, and doing challenges is a good way to go for a merry app such as TikTok. @syamui has been taking challenge requests from his fans for a while. However, even with his casual attitude, the videos are still entertaining to watch. Among a few of his most popular videos are ‘going to a supermarket and buy only a piece of candy using the trolley’, drinking ‘budu ais’, and making petai smoothie.

@syamuiReply to @garyisyat Thankss aunty!! Stay tune part 2..What nexttttt?????♬ Spongebob Closing Theme Song Music – Ocean Floor Orchestra

@syamuiReply to @_luqman4 Budu Ais..not bad hahahah!! What’s next????!!!♬ original sound – Syamilo_

Of Course, There’s More Than Just Food

The netizen does get kind of wonky at times so @syamui was made into doing other challenges as well. He used to go to McDonald’s drive-through in reverse, take off his shoes before going into 7-Eleven, and going to the Starbucks just to ask for an empty cup. Well, looks like he would have a lot of adventurous stories to tell to his kids in the future eh?

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