MuiTea: You Can Now Sip Boba Tea and Dine

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Do we need more boba tea joint? Probably. Ever had the frustration of not being able to bring your fav boba drink to certain dining places? All we want is just to enjoy our meal with some bubble milk tea, and yes, MuiTea heard our call, like finally. Continue reading to find out whether this place earns our approval, we are very skeptical when it comes to bubble milk teas.



About MuiTea:

A locally grown brand, MuiTea originates from Johor and has since earned a strong fanbase. We came across this beverage joint which offers a selection of main dishes as well, speaking of killing two birds with one stone. It’s a rare sight, especially in KL to dine and sip boba tea at once.

First thought when we stepped into MuiTea: A great spot for conversations and bonding sessions. Aesthetically designed with comfort as core, it’s a place for everyone.

MuiTea’s Drinks Menu:

Onto their drinks, since we came in a bunch, we ordered quite a few drinks. Not gonna lie, we ordered most of their “favourite drinks” just to play safe.


Combination Seasons Tea (RM14.90) is the crowd’s favorite. Citrusy, light and refreshing, you know how certain self-proclaimed fruit teas taste nothing but artificial. This is the complete opposite, hands down would get another one. The whole cup is generously filled with real fruits, plus point.



Strawberry Cheese (RM14.90) on the other hand, has a unique flavor. Just imagine sweet-sour strawberry blended drink paired with light, salted cheese. They don’t sound like a good match but the flavor’s pretty good, ladies would love this.


Those came here looking for boba milk tea, this is it. We tried both Brown Sugar Boba Yam (RM15.90) and Brown Sugar Lava Milk Tea (RM13.90). If you love the classic, balanced milk-to-tea ratio, you would love the signature. We prefer the latter, which has a strong aroma of sweet brown sugar, which makes the drink smoother. Pro tip: Ask for less sugar as the brown sugar might be too overwhelming sometimes.

Another fruit selection, Neighbour Mang (RM12.90). Mango blended drink topped with generous amount of diced mangoes and boba, this is yet another bestseller. Mango lovers would love this, as the flavor and texture is quite rich.

Not a fruit nor tea fan? MuiTea’s Cocoa Cheese (RM11.90) is a pretty solid choice. Rich, smooth milk chocolate topped with a layer of light cheese, which brings saltiness to balance up the sweetness. We liked it though we wish there was more cheese.


Feeling Hungry? Look Out For MuiTea’s Food Menu:

That’s right, they serve hot food, not just snacks or finger food but legit main course. We started with Mushroom Soup (RM8.90), which was appetizing. The soup was creamy, with tiny little chunks of mushrooms for better texture.


As for snacks, we got what it seemed to be the most typical, Homemade Chicken Popcorn (RM10.90) and French Fries (RM8.90). It was kind of creative how they put two orders into one plate, and the portion was forgiving. We loved the chunks of meat with evenly coated, light batter given it’s homemade.

Moving onto entree, we opted quite a bit of carbs. The patty of Grill Lamb Burger (RM16.90) was made medium done, you can imagine all the juice and flavors preserved in it. Sandwiched between two charcoal bun and served with loads of fries on side, the portion itself is definitely worth every penny.

Fried Chicken Burger (RM12.90) on the other hand, looked more like a panini than burger. The burger itself was a tad dry, but when paired with black pepper sauce, it enhanced the flavor, and the crispy texture of the chicken made the whole thing enjoyable.

Fried Chicken Chop (RM14.90) has a choice of either pasta, rice or fries as side. We chose pasta to see if both works together, and it did. We felt that this dish was a steal given the price point. Tip: Pair the chicken chop with Seasons Tea to bring down the savoury, perfect combination.

Final Thoughts on MuiTea:

To be honest, we think MuiTea brings a refreshing scene to the beverage joints in the area. They focus more on fruit teas and other “healthier” choices rather than overwhelmingly pushes people into the milk tea bandwagon. Is it KL Foodie approved then? The answer is yes, we love the 2-in-1 concept where people could just park at one place, walk in and enjoy both drinks and meal. Save time and minus the hassle.

Don’t Forget About the Good Deals!

Starting from 24th to 31st of August 2019, enjoy your second drink at 50% off only at MuiTea! Mix and match is allowed, so more reasons to try out MuiTea no? Tag your friends, bring them along for cheap, good drinks and meal!

MuiTea C180 Cheras

Address: Jalan C 180/2, Dataran C180, 43200 Cheras, Selangor
Operating Hour: 11 a.m.-11:59 p.m.
More Info:

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