myBurgerLab Is Paying Interns RM1,200 To RM1,500, Way Higher Than Normal Salary Range

Have you been through some internships while you’re studying? If you have, you know that the salary range is pretty meh. In some companies, the pay does not even cover transport expenses to your work location. Getting paid less than RM 500 per month, it just simply means that you’re paying the company to work for them. Sounds ridiculous, but it is true. Well, that’s not the case for myBurgerLab.

myBurgerLab’s Is Paying Interns RM1,200 To RM1,500

Photo: myBurgerLab (Facebook)

Here comes a hero! On myBurgerLab’s Facebook Post, the burger brand mentioned that it pays interns RM1,200 to RM 1,500. The actual number highly depends on the position that the intern is applying for. Considering that it is myBurgerLab, we assume that there will be free burgers to munch on every now and then, too! But, hey, why are they so generous?

Photo: myBurgerLab (Facebook)

The team from myBurgerLab notices that some industries are using interns as cheap labours within the organisations. Believe it or not, not only they are not paid fairly, some interns didn’t even manage to obtain the experiences that they need for the working industry. And, that’s why myBurgerLab is here to change the social norms!

Photo: myBurgerLab (Facebook)

Believing that interns should be getting paid for their time and contributions, the burger brand gives an allowance of RM1,200 to RM1,500. That’s not all, there may be opportunities for interns in myBurgerLab to be a permanent worker, too! Big brands such as myBurgerLab, there are more positions offered than just restaurant work. Wow, getting paid fairly, and the possibility of growth? AH-MAY-ZING. 

So many positions available

Photo: myBurgerLab (Facebook)

myBurgerLab gave us another good reason to love them, apart from their juicy burgers. Of course, they are hiring! Apart from internships, myBurgerLab is also hiring part-time, full time, and store management trainee. So, if you want to explore the possibilities, you can check out the Facebook Post right here, or click on the links right down below to get started.

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By the way, this is not sponsored. We just love companies that are doing things right!



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