Experience Seoul’s Famous Dessert Pancake (Hotteok) Newly Launched At MyeongDong Topokki

Things just got a whole lot more exciting at MyeongDong Topokki. The Famous Korean street food restaurant chain has just released a popular Korean sweet pancake from Seoul, called Hotteok! This mouthwatering pancake comes with caramelized sugar, crushed nuts, and cinnamon, all encased in a crispy and gooey fried dough. You can even have it as takeaway for a snack on-the-go!


MyeongDong Topokki Serves Authentic Korean Dishes

The best thing about MyeongDong Topokki is that although they’re a restaurant chain, the authenticity of their Korean food resembles street food dishes you can find in Seoul. While new items are added to the menu, you can’t go wrong with these classic best-seller items.


Photo: Bulgogi Beef Deopbap Set with upgraded Kape drink (Milkeu Ti)
Photo: Dakgalbi Chicken Deopbap Set

MyeongDong Topokki offers all types of rice and noodles dishes, but if you’re craving rice – you should definitely try the Deopbap sets. The Bulgogi Beef and Dakgalbi Chicken Deopbap set comes with panchan side dishes, anchovy base soup, and green tea – which you can upgrade to a MDT Kape drink!

Spicy Stew

Photo: Kimchi Jiggae Chicken Set
Photo: Hangul Chicken Ramen Set

Next down the best-seller list is none other than their selection of spicy stew sets. Try out the Kimchi Jigae which is a kimchi stew with rice, or the Hangul Chicken Ramen that’s made with an anchovy-based soup and Hangul powder specially made by MDT. While both sets are served with refillable panchan sides, the Hangul Chicken Ramen comes with additional kimbap.

Deep Fried Korean Street Foods

Photo: Chez Jeu Corn Sausage Photo: Cheesy Bulgogi Fries Beef 

Korean street food is not complete without deep fried snacks. First on the must-try list is the Chez Jeu Corn Sausage. It’s made with a deep fried batter filled with cheese and chicken sausage, topped with nacho cheese sauce and MyeongDong Topokki sauce. Another one you must-try is the Cheese Bulgogi Fries that comes with the option of chicken or beef!

Upgrade Your Set Meal Drink To These MDT Kape Drinks

To experience the refreshing taste of their MDT Kape Drinks, simply top-up the price depending on the drink, to replace the green tea from the set meal. The Kape Drink is special because of the handheld convenience you get with the packaging, which you can have to-go if you can’t finish! They offer a range of flavours like Hanrabong, Honey Vera, Citron, Milkeu Ti and more.

Photo: MDT Kape

There Are More Than 20 MyeongDong Topokki Outlets In Malaysia

If you want to experience authentic Korean food right here in Malaysia, head on to MyeongDong Topokki! They have so many outlets around Malaysia, there’s bound to be one near you. Enjoy!

For more information on their list of outlets, visit their website here.


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